Breaking Your Healing Paradigm


Breaking Your Healing Paradigm

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The Body Remembers Surprisingly So Much

Do you have a healing paradigm? You know, how you believe you can heal? I’m referring to the limits of what is possible in healing.

WARNING: This blog post may upset some because it goes against what you believe. It may give an ah-ha moment to others because it fits in with where they are on the journey. It may also challenge others who believe and feel this way, but still have their own healing paradigms that have become too much like truth to their lives.

At one time, I was told I would never work or function again but I proved the doctors wrong. If you read my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, you’ll understand all that I had to make it through when no one had the answers.

Since the doctors didn’t really know how to treat me, I had to go out and discover things that would work. In the process, I had to let go of all that I thought was possible because it was holding me back.

Removing My Own Healing Paradigms

While I managed to move through my own healing paradigms, I’m finding they continue to evolve. Even what I came to know as truth was nothing more than a stepping stone. If I would have held on to it as the limit of healing possibility, I would have short-changed myself.

When I met Dr. Canali, the things that I didn’t think were possible soon became possible. I didn’t know it at the time but I had a strong set of healing paradigms. They were holding me back.

I remember when I went to see him, I had all kinds of physical ailments (see list below) and one by one, most of them started to disappear or ease. I was on antidepressants, struggling with anxiety. I still struggle with parts of some of the following issues, but they are much better than they once were. No longer am I on any medication.

Physical Issues Before Seeing Dr. Canali

  1. Migraine headaches
  2. Frequent regular headaches
  3. Creepy crawly skin sensation
  4. Afraid to be touched or hugged
  5. Feeling like vomiting when hugged
  6. Allergies
  7. Stomach hurting and cramping
  8. Major depression
  9. Major anxiety
  10. I could not deal with life or triggers
  11. Completely overwhelmed
  12. Suicidal thoughts
  13. Really did not feel much in touch and sensation
  14. Extremely exhausted with no energy
  15. Felt like a volcano inside ready to explode
  16. Back pain
  17. Intense neck pain
  18. Nightmares
  19. Body rash
  20. Food allergies
  21. High resting pulse rate
  22. No appetite, especially for healthy food.
  23. Road rage
  24. Muscle twitching in my legs.

I Questioned A Lot Of What He Said

My healing paradigms had me question a lot of what he said. I thought, I’m trying to trust what he says, but you just don’t heal this stuff easily. At the time, I thought, you can’t just get off of antidepressants or deal with anxiety. You can’t deal with the body aches and pains, heart issues, stomach issues, migraines, and headaches.

In my mind, I thought it was too much to ask to get me to believe any of this. While I trusted Dr. Canali, I was very skeptical.

Fortunately, I attempted to trust what he was telling me and I allowed him to help me walk through the challenging moments of growth and healing. When I did, life changed dramatically for me. My healing paradigms were challenged and broken down.

It was not easy trusting Dr. Canali and it wasn’t easy going through this form of healing. It takes so much courage and determination that it feels easier to give up. I almost gave up and said enough was enough.

Shattering The Healing Paradigm

When I went through the horrendous rash that covered my entire body, neither Dr. Canali nor I knew if we could change this. We each had our own healing paradigms, but we trusted in a power greater than ourselves. We trusted that what we needed to help get me past this was there and it was a matter of going deep inside to find it. Within one session, the rash began to heal and change. That is another story to be written yet, but it shattered what we both believed.

I know Dr. Canali had a patient that had conversion disorder (like I had gone through) and was blind in one eye. I’ll never forget him calling me up and telling me he saw the strangest thing happen. She went from having blindness to being able to see. She went from being addicted to all kinds of drugs and medications to not needing most of them anymore. It happened so quickly. We shattered the healing paradigms that we, and the patient, all held.

I see so many people acting as if their diagnosis is their entire existence. I understand that it probably is at that moment. However, I know that things can change. We believe more in the healing paradigm of our diagnosis than what is possible.

No, I’m Not Naive In My Healing Paradigm

No, I’m not naive or stupid or some crazy new-age thinker. I get it that others may think I am. I know that when you’re in the midst of what you are dealing with, it seems like there is no hope beyond it. I’m here to tell you that this is just not true. There is hope and things can change.

Maybe you just haven’t found the right healing method yet. Maybe your resources are limited like mine were, but it doesn’t mean you can’t heal. That’s a healing paradigm that is flat out wrong. You can mock me and disbelieve me all you want, but this statement comes from my own personal experience.

Physical Changes I Never Thought Possible

Time and time again, I’ve seen some very physical situations that were taking me under change in ways that I never thought possible. Not long ago, I was ready to take my own life and couldn’t see past the moment I was in. In one session with Dr. Canali, I reconnected to the tools that I had learned with him and I walked out of his office with joy on my face.

We all get into the mindset of thinking that the way we or others see things is good or bad. Some only want to focus on positive thoughts and while there is nothing wrong with that, if you neglect the inner awareness of your body, you’re living in a fantasy world. Your healing paradigm is limited and it will hold you back.

At one time, I didn’t think I could heal some of the things I have in my own life. Now, I’m wondering where is the edge and limit of healing. Dr. Canali has completely opened up my consciousness in how I see what is possible.

More Tools To Bring Life Into Balance

No, my life isn’t perfect. I still struggle with depression and anxiety. I still have my pains and aches as everyone else does. However, now I’ve got tools to deal with them. In addition, I know that a quick session with Dr. Canali helps bring my life back into balance if I get to the point I can’t easily bring myself back. I know that there are many things I can do to proactively keep myself in balance now.

My healing paradigm has shifted dramatically since my life’s experiences. If you think I’m talking pie-in-the-sky thoughts, that’s okay because at one time I felt the same. Now, though, I’ve been shown a different path and I can no longer believe the things I once did. The old ways of looking at health and healing have been shattered. They no longer work for me.

My hope is that the world will begin to understand some of the things I’ve learned first hand in my own life. It will change how we see health and how we treat our bodies. It will shatter the healing paradigms that are running rampant throughout humanity and doing little good for us.

What I’ve learned and gone through in this healing process isn’t just about alleviating some physical symptoms. It isn’t just about healing and recovery from the trauma of child abuse and torture, but a process that continues. The process is about awareness, and through awareness we are able to make better choices about our health, mental health, and our bodies. It is a consciousness of new awakening to much more than the vast majority of humans understand on this planet.


  • I always tell my brain things. I have this alter ego that talks sense when I’m not making sense. And that’s the voice I heard when healing. Well that and my son who died by suicide. I hear him laugh at me. “Hey mom, like that really matters?” It makes me smile. And it works for me.