When Life Seems Upside Down – Change It In 6 Profound Ways


When Life Seems Upside Down – Change It In 6 Profound Ways

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We’ve all had those moments when life seems upside down. With all that is going on here and in the world, many people are struggling to keep their head above water.

Lately, I’ve been having one of those very difficult moments in life. Right after Christmas, during the height of the pandemic, I lost a cousin. I had talked to him not long before and the next thing I knew, he had died of a heart attack. He was only one year older than me so it hit me hard.

With that and other stressors to deal with, my body started shutting down, starting with the legs. I felt exhausted and sciatic type pain permeated my lower back and legs. This isn’t the first time I’ve been through this but it is never easy. I knew the stress was catching up with my body and I had to do something to change it.

Here are several ways to change things when life seems upside down. These aren’t the only things to consider, but they are what I focus on in my life. Maybe this will help you.

Ways To Change Things When Life Seems Upside Down

Regroup – What Really Matters

Often when life seems upside down and out of control, there’s a lot of noise everywhere we look. Most of it is not helpful, even if it was at one time. Sometimes we get so locked up in what we have done or are doing that we forget what really matters.

I have found that sometimes when life turns upside down, we see things differently. Be careful to not stay locked into what you think is safe and familiar, bypassing something that will help you turn things right side up.

Self-Care Time As Long As Needed

When things are upside down, you need to increase self-care time and do it for as long as needed. The more difficult the moment, the more self-care you need and more frequently. Even if it is a little bit each day, sometimes that is more helpful than once a week or once a month. Self-care, including down time and rest, are so crucial. If the mind and body are overwhelmed, it takes much more to right the ship again. Getting out in nature if you can or just taking some alone time does wonders when life seems upside down.

Focus On What Makes You Happy

One of the true barometers that I have found in life is if something makes me happy or if it does not. When life seems upside down, it is essential that we really listen to this. If you’re trudging through your days with hate and sadness, how far do you think you will go? It will drain you and leave you at the side of the road unable to move.

If you get in touch with the things that make your heart sing out with joy, love, and happiness, you’ll find the ticket to the road you are walking. Sometimes when life seems upside down, we forget about what makes us happy. We forget about mindfulness and living in the moment. Instead, we trudge along making things more difficult than we need to make them.

Ask For Help From Those You Love

When life seems upside down, there are moments when we need to ask for help. There also moments when we need to ACCEPT help from others. Sometimes we cannot do it alone, especially when the challenges hit all at once. I find it helpful to let the people I care about know I am struggling.

Sometimes they know something is wrong, but are not sure what it is all about or how to help. Enlisting their support makes it a joint effort that makes it easier to walk the difficult part of the journey. It doesn’t mean you are weak. Instead, it means you are doing positive things to help yourself move forward. I think asking for help is a sign of strength.

Take the Blinders Off

Even with the more enlightened, we as humans wear blinders. Especially when life seems upside down, we seek comfort in what we know and that’s when the blinders appear. At times in challenging moments, you need the blinders to help focus on your most important tasks. However, if we aren’t careful, they stop us from seeing all that is beyond the moment. We don’t see the potential since we’re only focused on a narrow part of our existence. Use blinders sparingly to help focus, but take them off to see the bigger picture. Take them off when you need to see beyond what you can see in this moment of challenge.

Take One Step Each Day

No matter what you do when life seems upside down, try to take one step each day. If it is a small step, that is fine. Just take the step! Sometimes you might end up taking three steps forward and then you fall back two steps. Don’t worry, because you are still one step ahead. Sometimes taking a small step that you can handle empowers you to take bigger steps. Bigger steps lead to more steps. They build confidence, so don’t discount what it means to take a small step when life seems upside down.

When Life Seems Upside Down

When life seems upside down, know that this too shall pass. It may turn into something you’re not even thinking could be a possibility. That is okay because it will shift and change if you allow it to do this. I know that isn’t easy for me and most likely not always easy for you, but just sit back and see if this isn’t the truth.

Always remember and know that this too shall pass.

Photo by Valerie Blanchett on Unsplash

Written 2/11/21 by Don Shetterly