What Holds You Back?


What Holds You Back?

What holds you back is a constant progression through your life of self-discovery.

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As we start the new year, “what holds you back?” is a good question to ask ourselves. I know, everyone wants to set goals and New Year’s resolutions. The media outlets along with social media are going nonstop discussing resolutions and how effective they are. Many people will set New Year’s resolutions and abandon them before January is complete.

Instead, I think we need to ask, “what holds you back?” Is it the fear of trying something new? Maybe it is worrying that you may not be successful and so you stop dead in your tracks before you start.

Possibly, what holds you back are your own self-imposed limitations, including your beliefs about what is possible. Maybe it is excuses of what could stand in the way or what is currently blocking you.

Nothing Seemed Possible

I think back to the days when I was paralyzed and having pseudo-seizures from Conversion Disorder. I didn’t think I could ever walk again, let alone get the seizures to stop. Nothing seemed possible at that point and it would be some time before I figured out that I was holding myself back.

There are so many things that hold us back but only we know what those are. Often times we struggle to see them, but if we can travel deep enough, we will find them. We are often our own worst enemy.

One of the main problems in trying to determine what holds you back is seeing what it is that blocks your path. This is not easy, even if we think we are the most enlightened on the earth. Humans tend to hide a conscious awareness from themselves while acting as if they do anything but hide.

Are You Ready To Let Go

I’ll never forget a rash that I dealt with that would not completely go away. Most people would have turned to all kinds of medical intervention, but I knew deep down there was more to the story. I just did not want to see it. I remember Dr. Paul Canali asking me in a session, “are you read to let go of it?” You can read more about this in a blog post I wrote, Are You Ready To Let Go.

In order to understand what holds you back, you’ve got to go in and allow yourself to see it. You have to become aware of it, because if you don’t it is like staring into the fog while trying to find the shore.

Once you’ve seen what holds you back, then it is time to go in and see what can be done about it. Is there a fear that you can find a way to confront? Can you take a step forward, even if it is a small one? Possibly you might be able to see things in a different light so that what you once could not find your way through, now becomes illuminated.

It Is Up To Us

It is all up to us, though, in how we confront that which holds us back. No one can do this for us, but many can be there in support while we attempt to find our footing. There may be those who tell you what to do in order to take the steps you need, but ultimately it comes down to what works for you.

Realizing what holds you back is something we all shy away from and avoid. We will paint the happy faces on our outward appearance and we’ll sing the praises of positive thoughts, but we’ll stop when it comes time for us to take that step forward.

This is the exact point where you cannot falter. It is a point where you need to grab courage by the horns and help alleviate what holds you back. Yes, your legs may tremble and your heart may pound rapidly, but if you take a step forward, it will most likely look different on the other side.

Take Stock Of What Holds You Back

I urge you in this new year to take stock of what holds you back. Look inward and see what it is. Then, find a way through it or at least find a way to take a step forward. It doesn’t matter how big the step is, just take a step.

What holds you back is a constant progression through your life of self-discovery. It is a moment where we have the potential to discover so much more in life, rather than limiting our possibilities.


  • I struggle with what holds me back every day. I’m aware of what many of them are. The guilt of knowing what does, and everyday taking a step to do one thing differently that hasn’t been useful in moving me forward. It feels exhausting, exasperating, never ending. Yet I do make progress! This topic is so important to me and of course my least favorite one to look at. Fear of failure is a daily companion that I either take another forward step with fear anyway or sit down in defeat with guilt for doing so. Thank you for sharing your writing !

    • I experience the same thing too and fear of failure will hold me back to the point of not even trying to do something. I get frozen in my tracks. Thank you for sharing your comment. We travel this road together.