What Food Ingredients Do You Eat?


What Food Ingredients Do You Eat?

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I’m wondering, what food ingredients do you eat? Are you a healthy person? Do you power your body up with great stuff or are you one that eats “chemicals” rather than nutritious ingredients?

So, I have to admit that I’m always not as good as I should be in the food ingredients I eat. Yes, I try, and sometimes I do well, and other times (if I’m honest), I don’t do as well with what I shove in my body.

Several years ago, I came in contact with this company called 180 Nutrition. After reviewing their information, I thought it was good stuff. I love the product and several friends of mine have tried it. They love the product too!

I’ll let you view this video first, and then I’ll share a little more how I’ve used the product. Please don’t skip out on the page before you see the video. I promise it will get your attention as it did me. You’ll hopefully think twice about some of the food ingredients you eat.

See the following 2:20 minute video.

I know, there’s a lot of stuff on the market claiming that they do all kinds of things. Since I don’t have a lab to check everything out, I have to go with what I feel about something.

The 180 Nutrition products make me feel good. They are filling, and when I use them, I feel like I’m doing something good for myself. In my mind, using this product, I feel like I’m putting in my body some high-quality food ingredients.

One of the things I struggle with is sugar. If I can talk myself into using this instead of sugar, it helps me so much. Sometimes my brain still wants sugar, but this is one of my go-to-products to fight that craving.

Did you know that 180 Nutrition only uses 12 natural food ingredients?

One of the ways I use it is in the following recipe but please don’t limit yourself to only this possibility. There’s so many ways you can easily use this product.

Here’s One Recipe I Use With The NutriBullet Blender

  1. Add a small amount of ice.
  2. Add about 1 Cup of Almond Milk.
  3. Put in 1 full scoop of 180 Nutrition (I use the Vegan Chocolate Mix).
  4. Add about 1/3 of a banana depending upon how ripe it is.
  5. Blend a couple of times in the Nutribullet.
  6. Enjoy!

We all put a lot of chemicals into our body. These days the chemicals we feed to ourselves are masqueraded as safe ingredients. Of course, to each their own how much of the “safe” food ingredients concepts you want to believe.

I try to give myself the best nutrition that I can with the right food ingredients. Yes, I recognize that sometimes I fail. However, with 180 Nutrition, I know that I’m doing something positive for myself.

Consuming Raw and Live Foods

I try to consume as much “live” and “raw” food as we can because that’s where foodstuff is in its pure form. When you start processing, freezing, and microwaving things, then you’re degrading what you put in your body.

I hope you’ll check out 180 Nutrition. The company is out of Australia. In addition to their products, they’ve put out some top quality information on health, fitness, and the mind body. All of their products are natural, and there are no bad food ingredients as you can see in the video.

As the days go, I’ll try to share more of their videos and podcasts. After all, we all want to be as healthy as we can be, right?

Let’s all start seeing if we can put some top notch food ingredients into our bodies. Let us all help the body which will help the mind by doing everything we can for our health.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate of 180 Nutrition, but I only endorse products that I personally like and consume.