What Does Your Life Reflect


What Does Your Life Reflect

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I think about this a lot: What does your life reflect? Do people who hear you say something actually see it show up in your life? Are you authentic and real?

In these times, we see more often than not, people who say one thing and do another. They expect everyone else to follow a set of principles and beliefs, but yet they don’t live up to the same expectations. It doesn’t matter who it is or what side of the political spectrum they are on. Far too many do this.

I grew up in a home where it was “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you to do.” This was a load of rubbish. It did not take into account the concept of what does your life reflect. It showed that it was okay to expect one thing from everyone, but not even attempt to practice what was preached.

This world needs more authenticity. It needs a more compassionate heart and a listening ear. The judgment that is so prevalent needs to be tossed out the window and burned.

I see very few who practice what they preach. Are you one who does this? Are you being honest with yourself or only seeing your life through rose-colored glasses?

What does your life reflect? Maybe it is an exercise that each one of us needs to look at intensely.

I think we are failing one another because we don’t see ourselves as we truly are. We spend too much time pointing out the wrongs and shortcomings of everyone when we perch ourselves up on a pedestal.

What Does Your Life Reflect?

Only we can answer for what we do. Only we can determine if our actions truly meet the overall good of humanity or if we are part of the problem. We may think with our puffed-up chests that we are better than everyone else. Unfortunately, I think that’s the first sign that we are no better than anyone else.

Seeing this each day in others is painful. It hurts. The world and humanity are hurting so deeply that if we don’t reverse this soon, I fear it will be too late.

I will once again ask, “What does your life reflect?”

Be honest in your answer and if you have doubts, ask someone that knows you what they see in you. However, be prepared to let them be honest – that is if you can allow that?

It is my challenge to get everyone who reads this to ask themselves, “What does your life reflect?”