What Does Healing From Trauma Or Child Abuse Mean To You?


What Does Healing From Trauma Or Child Abuse Mean To You?

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On Twitter I asked the question, “What does healing from trauma or child abuse mean to you?” When I was first starting out on my healing journey, I wondered what it meant to heal my life.

It wasn’t an easy thing to define and as I went through the process, the definition meant something different. It evolved with time because as I healed, so did my outlook and awareness.

One of the things that can hold back healing is if we get locked into one paradigm or another. It may help us at that moment in time, but we need to make sure we don’t cling to it forever. It will only hold us back.

Below is the Twitter feed question where I asked, “What does healing from trauma or child abuse mean to you?”

I also made that stated “I have a feeling each one of us has a different answer to this question.” We’re all different, of course, and no one answer fits everyone. We all come through different experiences, so our responses should be based upon what we saw.

What Does Healing From Trauma Or Child Abuse Mean To You?

I would love to include a reference to each person’s Twitter account, but I don’t feel that is the right thing to do. I’ll share some of the responses below, but if you want to see more of what each person said, you can click on the Twitter post above for more.

Confronting The Truth

  • It means confronting the truth.
  • To not run away from it, but to face it.
  • My healing journey started when I admitted, “Yes, it did happen to me. Yes, it really hurts this bad. I will release the shame and blame, which belongs to the abusers.”
  • I feel it to heal it.
  • Originally the abuse became the norm and I blamed myself as I do now when anything goes wrong. I felt at ease and then a person in my workplace bullied me, constantly, put me down which brought it all back. So I’m trying to get on the road to healing again.

Freedom From The Abuse

  • I would sincerely be pleased to make it through one day without a memory of it popping into my head.
  • To me, it means freedom from the insanity – hopefully from my nightmares, night sweats, flashbacks, and all-around questioning myself.
  • Did I do something to cause this?
  • Managing to cope with dealing with life without being biased.
  • No healing – just trying to live with it.
  • Not being terrified anymore!

Freedom and Truth:
What Does Healing From Trauma Or Child Abuse Mean To You?

Coming To Terms With The Abuse

  • Come to grips with what has happened by facing it.
  • Allow the hurt to be burned out and replace it with positive energy and kind vibes for ourselves and others.
  • Being able to see each skill I used to survive and recognizing what parts of them help me in the present day.
  • Just one day of feeling like someone gets it. That I don’t have to hold everything in me forever because of how words get twisted and thrown back in your face.
  • Having to keep relearning over and over that I can trust myself.
  • Feeling like I’m an ok person.
  • Day in and day out, not being controlled by it anymore.

Stopping The Cycle To Stop The Abuse

  • Recognizing the toxic behaviors you’ve learned from the trauma and stopping the cycle.
  • Recognizing the red flags quicker.
  • Having boundaries that you stick to.
  • It means not seeking abuse and not repeating the cycles of abuse throughout your life.

Believing Differently To Heal Trauma

  • Believing I am not the person I was.
  • It was never my fault.
  • I am a human being.
  • Believing that I could give empathy to myself and others.
  • We’re stronger together.
  • It means defining myself in the present and not by the past.
  • Raising my children better.
  • It means learning to trust.
  • Not feeling detached from my body and taking care of it.
  • Believing people can love me without me having to do anything other than being me.

Creating Something New To Heal Trauma

  • It means finding a way to take that obstacle and use it to create an undefeatable spirit so you can become happy.
  • Know that you are not your trauma.
  • You were meant to learn and rise, not succumb.
  • You can’t change the past, but you can determine the course of your future.
  • Being able to move onward and upward with an open, loving heart to embrace each new moment.
  • Living the best happy life in spite of it.
  • Getting healthy.

Forgiveness In Healing Trauma and Child Abuse

  • On the path to forgiveness and trust, acceptance and myself in that I did nothing to make it happen.
  • Living in a higher consciousness with grounding techniques through mindfulness.
  • Getting to a place where it no longer impacts your life too much so that I can start living and not just existing.
  • Accepting it wasn’t our fault.

There are so many answers to the question, “What does healing from trauma or child abuse mean to you?” Each one of us has a different take on it because of what we’ve been through or how it has impacted our lives.

What Does Healing From Trauma Or Child Abuse Mean To Me?

Healing means many things to me, and that has changed and evolved over time. I started out thinking I was all alone and no one knew what it felt like to experience the abuse as I did. Then I started to wonder if it was possible to heal, as the nightmares and anxiety and depression tried to take me under.

Once I found people that understood, and I found that there was a way through this, I began to heal in ways I did not think were possible. With each new level of healing, I learned there was so much more.

For me, healing has meant going deep into the body and letting go of the toxic memories stored in my cells. By doing this, I’ve discovered a whole new level of awareness and consciousness that I did not know existed.

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Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

Even with as long I’ve been working on my healing, there are still so many layers to uncover. No longer do I look at it like I’m just working to find the endpoint of healing. Now, my focus is on how far I can go to discover the innermost part of myself. How far can I go to discover things that many have not understood? Where is the limit and how much am I willing to go to find all that is possible?

If you didn’t get a chance to answer this Twitter thread, please feel free to leave your answer. You can also comment below on the question, “What does healing from trauma or child abuse mean to you?”