Useless Words Without Action – I’m Sick Of It!


Useless Words Without Action – I’m Sick Of It!

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At some point, we have to begin seeing others as human, as we are — not different because of their background, the color of their skin, their sexuality, or whatever criteria we use in judgment over them. We cannot say we have love if we are nothing but a clanging symbol where our words mean little and our actions prove otherwise. I’m sick of useless words without action.

I grew up in a home where we went to church. They preached love, good deeds, sacrifice, and an allegiance to a deity bigger than ourselves. Yet by the time everyone was walking out the doors, I heard nothing but criticism and judgment for those they prayed for in the church. The gossip that was present was sickening.

They Were Words Without Action

Their words meant nothing because their behavior proved what was truly in their hearts.  They were words without action. Yet these people in the church portrayed themselves to the world as the only truth and the only way to your soul’s salvation.

When we got home, I suffered from bullying, abuse, and humiliation, and witnessed horrific acts of domestic violence. Yet we prayed for others, loved God, and told the world we loved everyone. Once again, actions proved something different.

If we dared to speak out, we were ostracized. If we dared to speak out, we were threatened. These were the people who were supposed to care for me when I was young. They were the same people that were supposed to love me.  They were the same people who held all the rules over me for life. Love meant nothing, as they proved by their behavior. They were words without action.

I’m Sick Of Seeing It Repeat

Today, I see the same things play out across the country and the world. It has been that way for some time but has recently gotten worse.

I’m so sick of seeing what I went through every day of my childhood playing out all over again.  To relive these horrors every day is depression and sucks the life force from me.  From the bullying and one way only thinking to the telling others what they should do while we put them down – I’m sick of it all. I’m tired of hearing how great someone is or how much they love and care about others, only to see the opposite proven in their actions.

Sick of Words Without Action

There are far too many who do this all across the land. It isn’t just one or the other – it is far too many. Too many that hold their heads up while looking down their noses at those who they deem less fortunate or the wrong skin color or the wrong sexual orientation. Yes, they hold their pious views up as if they are the judge, jury, and executioner of all that is righteous.

I’m sick of it. I’m tired and exhausted by it. It brings me to tears.  My brain cannot understand the hate, the abuse, and the shallow meaningless words. I cannot fathom how anyone can treat someone else the way this country does. I’m to the point that I barely recognize a country where I have lived since I was born.

Surely, we can do better?  Surely we can treat one another as human, like we want to be treated. If we stand opposed we will never make it, but if we begin to see each other as we want others to see us, then and only then might we have a chance.

Love Without Action

Love without action is nothing but someone making noise to the world, hoping they all will see how great they think they are in their own mind.

Love with action is where we put ALL humans first and we respect, celebrate, and treat each other with true love that is pure and right and just.

This world is hurting.  It is in pain.  This world needs people to listen, not judge.  It needs someone to stand up and say enough is enough – we can no longer treat people this way.  We can no longer have words without action.

It Is Our Choice To Make

Each day it continues, each and every one of us makes a choice to either make this world a better place or destroy it one life at a time.  It is our choice.  Let’s find a way to lift one another up, listening and caring and respecting what they mean as humans, rather than destroying them one life at a time.

It is your choice! 

What will you choose to do with it?