Unconscious Behaviors Exposed


Unconscious Behaviors Exposed

Even if someone pointed out to us the unconscious behaviors we do, until we begin to see them clearly, it will not resonate with us.

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We all have unconscious behaviors, whether we recognize them or not. We might be oblivious to them, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Far too often these days, it seems as if we are not in touch with the unconscious mind. We are running on autopilot, reacting at will to the prevailing winds of the day.

Unconscious behaviors become the norm, not the exception. We are far too asleep as a human civilization to truly see what is happening.

It is so easy for humans to walk around believing they are the best version of themselves, but this can easily be an illusion. The unconscious mind is there, only if we allow ourselves to see it.

Becoming aware of unconscious behaviors is something to strive for, not avoid. Unfortunately, this is a deficiency of being human.

Unconscious Behaviors

  • Constantly keeping ourselves busy.
  • Only concerned with the latest noise of the day.
  • Concerned more with superficial things than what matters.
  • Not feeling everything in our body except very intense pain.
  • Forgetting to take time out for self-care and stopping or resting.
  • Not observing all the little things around us.
  • Your life feels out of control and you feel powerless.
  • Biting fingernails.
  • Constantly daydreaming.
  • Controlled by your social media notifications.
  • Not really tasting your food when you eat.
  • Driving somewhere and not remembering how you got there.
  • Forgetting the song that was just played on the radio.
  • Forgetting to eat a meal or hydrate our bodies with water.
  • Saying one thing but having our actions show something different.
  • Failing to truly care what others say.
  • The words you speak are not necessarily true or accurate.
  • Seeing the placebo as the cure.

I’m sure more could be added to the list of unconscious behaviors if we all thought about it. There is no end to the things we do that are not conscious.

The key isn’t to chastize ourselves for what we do that is unconscious. It is more important to recognize and become aware of them so we can make different choices.

One of the things I learned through Dr. Canali was not to get down on myself about things that I had not figured out or understood. It was more impactful if I could become aware of them so that i could begin to make different choices.

Make Different Choices Through Awareness

Making different choices through our awareness of unconscious behaviors is what propels us forward in life. It gives us so much more possibility and potential. We begin to understand things that we would have never seen up to that point.

Even if someone pointed out to us the unconscious behaviors we do, until we begin to see them clearly they will not resonate with us. We can all point these out in other people much more easily than we can see them in ourselves.

Learning to recognize them in ourselves is the beginning of future awareness and consciousness. Until we take that step, we will be imprisoned by our unconscious behaviors.

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