Unbelievable And Impossible Courage in 2020


Unbelievable And Impossible Courage in 2020

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Unbelievable courage – I know, it feels impossible most of the time. I’m not sure where I get it, especially in the face of the odds against me. While I’m writing this long before it will be published on my blog, it may be fitting for the day it shows up.

As I’m writing this, it seems that the world is falling apart at the seams. The political races in the U.S. are at almost their full nastiness of the moment.

Social media is about posting and sharing every meaningless and inauthentic meme or political post.

Friends are either hiding or posting so much useless political junk that it feels like bombs going off every time I visit my social media feed.

People are acting as if the pandemic is no big issue and are fighting against common-sense measures. Others are chastising each other for or against the actions they may or may not take concerning the pandemic.

If you go out on the road, you’ll see the nastiness of 2020 showing for everyone to see. The rudeness of the drivers and the impatience is the norm these days.

It Takes Impossible Courage

Yes, it takes impossible courage to make it through these days. Some days I don’t feel like I have enough courage, and life most definitely feels impossible.

From a poem that I wrote many years ago, The Hope To See It Through, come the following lines.

There are many fears, risks, and obstacles standing in the way. I feel overwhelmed and worn out at times. Too many moments seem far greater than I can face.

As I wrote in my two books, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma and Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, I’ve been through so much, but I found my way. It was not easy through any of those moments, but I know if I can make it through those difficult challenges, I can do it again.

Life has thrown a lot at me, and sometimes it gets difficult to remember that I have the strength and the hope to make it through moments beyond belief.

As The Poem States

As the poem goes on to state, “I fight the world in silence. I see armies surround. I feel the bombs bursting as I seek safety in the ground.

It often feels like you are fighting the world in silence, especially these days. Everyone acts like they are your friends, or they are close family, but then all you hear is silence. The words are there, but the actions have vanished.

I often wonder how people can act like saying one thing is what matters to them, but what they show doesn’t even come close to proving that point. It boggles my mind completely. I don’t understand humanity, and social media has made this much worse than it ever used to be.

When people are inauthentic, I go to my cave. I seek to hide in the ground because it feels like bombs bursting everywhere around me. To me, this is so obvious, but most in this world focus on spreading memes and platitudes as if that is what humanity needs.

Impossible courage is required to deal with the fakeness of friends and family.

Wanting The Strength To See Me Through

Wanting the strength to see me through, wanting the joys I see in life, wanting the touch so far away, wanting to just be loved.

Yes, I want the strength to see myself through and the joys I so desire in life. I think most of us want that, but when the silence descends on humanity, and the bombs are bursting around us, it seems so far away.

It feels as though it is far beyond my reach and my touch. It feels like I want or need to be loved no matter how much I am. The impossible courage this requires each day feels unbelievable.

Many don’t recognize how difficult they make it for others. Their silence is painful. The silence withholds the joy and touch, which feels so far away from many people who only want to be loved.

It would be an easy fix in this world if people spent less time on social media faking care and concern. If we got rid of the inauthentic likes and emojis for real communication, the world would significantly improve. Yet we blame it on everyone else, while we fail to see just how dirty our hands are.

Within Me Lurk, Monsters So Big

Within me hides, so many dark secrets. Within me lurk, monsters so big that within me I am hidden and within me I have no rest.

I’m probably no different when it comes to impossible courage than most people. There are the dark secrets that hide within us that we don’t want most to see. We keep them hidden from everyone in the world.

Even as open as I am with my life’s story, I still keep much hidden from the world. Far too many could not handle hearing some of those things. In other cases, people would rather attempt to fix you than listen with compassion. It takes impossible courage to stand up to these moments and not let the winds of egotistical responses knock you down.

Yes, I am well aware of how people focus more on what they think will fix somebody rather than just being a friend and listening. Listening is a lost art in our society.

The Hope To See It Through

The courage to face the impossible.
The strength to fight the fears, and the risk to take the chance.
The hope to see it through.

It takes impossible courage when we attempt to find the hope to see it through. It takes strength to fight through these fears, but it also involves taking a chance.

I ended this poem with the paragraph that started it. These lines mean so much, and I think that while they state the problem clearly, they are what holds so much back in life. They are the beginning and the end, where vulnerability and authenticity intersect.

These are not easy moments for any of us, and I believe that they are what life is about for many who choose to open their eyes.

Of course, you won’t find this with fake social media communication. You won’t see it in the daily news and rants that occupy the world.

It will not show up in the filters of what other people see while they proclaim they have the truth you need. It takes impossible courage to live the truth of these words I write and share.

Let’s Be Authentic

Through all of this, I think it is abundantly clear that we need to be authentic. To do this, we truly need to open our eyes and become aware of our role in this world. We need to clearly see that which we are failing to understand at this time.

No longer can we sit idly by and let our ego do the talking. We can’t act as if we have empathy and compassion, but withhold our love in place of silence. No longer can we allow a social media “like “or the sharing of a platitude and meme to be how we interact with others.

If we do this, we continue sending bombs bursting to everyone around us. We force others to sit in silence and seek safety in the ground. We end up withholding our love and touch, which robs so many others of the joys in their lives.

Many times we act as if we are all that matters in this world. It is sad when I see this, but it is on display each day. The world is not awake. The enlightened are not awake. Humanity is asleep and unconscious, wrapped in the numbing of survival mode while proclaiming they have the answers.

May we find the impossible courage and the hope to see it through. May we find that if we don’t become a part of the solution in our own lives, we add to the problems of this world.

Yes, it takes impossible courage to do differently than we are doing, but if humanity is going to survive, it is time for us to change course.


Before you think that everyone else is the issue and they need to change, I urge you to stop that train of thought in your mind. It isn’t everyone else that needs to change. Each person individually needs to wake up, no matter how right they think they are, and no matter how enlightened they assume themselves to be.

Remember that often it takes impossible courage to stand firm in the face of all the bombs that are bursting around us.

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Written 9/12/2020