Twin Flame or Soulmate – What Is It?


Twin Flame or Soulmate – What Is It?

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Have you had a reading and had someone tell you that you are currently with your Twin Flame or Soulmate? Maybe the reader told you that one of these people is coming into your life soon. What does it mean?

What is a Twin Flame or Soulmate?

This is a person (or energy) that you have spent time with in prior lifetimes. I believe that we go through various incarnations and earth experiences. We are here to learn lessons and expand, so we live many lifetimes on earth. How many? As many as necessary to learn the lessons, we need to learn for the growth of our soul and contribution to the collective consciousness.

We seem to be enamored with the idea of a soulmate, the one true love that comes in once a lifetime. Here’s the issue I have with the romantic and traditional view of a soulmate. If we have had multiple life experiences here on Earth, surely we have touched a lot of different people and had many different relationships. So, it’s unlikely that we have just one soulmate or Twin Flame out there.

The other thing to think about is the different types of relationships we have. What about the close relationships we have with our parents and other family members? Close friends, brothers, and sisters?

Here’s what I think about the Twin Flame energy:

You know when it happens. You’re going about your day, and you meet somebody new. It could be a romantic interest or a new friend. You think to yourself that you feel like you have known this person forever. There’s something about their energy that you like, and you seem to recognize them. It is no coincidence. You are recognizing a soulmate or a twin flame (for the purposes of this post, I’m going to use these terms interchangeably).

You Resonate With

This is someone that you resonate with because you have experienced life with them in other earth experiences. This person could have been your mother, your husband, your brother, your sister or a close friend in one of those other experiences, and it’s a joy and a treat when you meet them again. I like to think that when we pass away and head over to the other side, we wait for our core family group to be together again before we reincarnate (just the people you like – not the ones you don’t!).

On A Soul Level

On a soul level, the type of relationship doesn’t matter at all. When we are source energy, we have no gender. We all vibrate at different levels, and that is how I think we recognize each other on the other side. I, of course, have no idea since I have not been to the other side. I think that those coming back to communicate with us can take the form of the person we would best recognize. That’s why when I do readings I can describe your grandmother or your Uncle Jim. Ha, ha!

The neat thing about twin flames is that we meet up with these people lifetime after lifetime. That’s not to say that this is necessarily the person that we are going to be involved in a romantic relationship with. It may be someone we are with for a short time, it could be a different type of relationship, because think about it, if we were with the same partner lifetime in and lifetime out, what would really be changing? Would we still be learning the same lessons over again?

Lessons Learned In Life

That opens up another kettle of fish about life lessons because when we do not learn the lessons which we are meant to learn in this life, we are going to have to repeat these lessons in another earth experience.

So while we (and Hollywood) love to believe that there is one soulmate here on earth for us, the one yin to our yang, the macaroni to our cheese, the peanut butter to our jelly (I’ll stop now), the possibility that seems to make the most sense to me is that there are many soulmates that will cross our paths for different reasons. When we put on our blinders and only seek that soulmate energy, we may limit our selection of partners and exclude souls that we are meant to know better in this lifetime.

Enjoy the soulmate or twin flame interactions you have in this lifetime. There will be many. The beautiful thing about twin flames is that you will always find each other in each life experience. It will always be a happy reunion.

You just never know when they might pop up.

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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  • I love this. Never thought of the idea a twin flame, and I will remember this and cherish the few I have met. Very special and beautiful post. Thank you!