Transforming The Body Pain Connection


Transforming The Body Pain Connection

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Transforming The Body Pain Connection takes feeling body pain into a whole new dimension.  It moves us into awareness which allows us to be more conscious.  The process of transforming body pain is where we find real and lasting healing.

Connecting the movement is how you start transforming the pain body connection.  It is at the heart of this exercise because without it; you are just feeling uncomfortable sensations that you’d instead not feel.

Connected movement is not just about movement or thinking of the possibility.  It is about finding the edges or the bumper rails and then seeing if you can find the way beyond them.  Normally there is trapped energy in those moments that are looking for an escape.  It got stored there during an experience or stressful moment or a traumatic moment.  It may not have any direct connection to the experience, so don’t read anything into it.  Let the observer help guide you to discover the details of awareness.

Breathwork or sounds can often help in transforming the body pain connection.  Stretching bands or resistance bands can help push the energy through as does other devices.  Touch and words from a heart-centered individual are helpful.  Temperature changes like a hot stone or cold stone can help to shift the energy and allow for it to release.  The devices aren’t the ones doing the shifting.  It is more about using them to help act as the release button of letting go.  For each person, it will be different.  In each exercise, it may be different for the same individual at various moments.

Your focus is on finding a way through the connection with your mind and body.  You are striving to let go of that sensation and what it holds within your body.  It is about discovering another part of you, and through that awareness, it gives you greater choices in life.  Connecting leads you to a higher consciousness.

It is often a process where you go so far, and then the next time you travel further.  It is not meant to happen only in one experience.  If you try to do too much, you will exhaust yourself and cause yourself further difficulty in the future.

Sometimes we want everything to be over at that moment, but this is not the lesson of transforming the body pain connection.  It is the process and journey that matters most.  It is about connecting and feeling the body because when you do that, you’re in control of life.  When you use avoidance and numbing, you’re not connecting.   It is only taking you into further away from where you want to go.

Transforming the body pain connection is key to understanding life and dealing with it.  If we don’t deal with it and we continue to avoid it, at some point, it will catch up with us.  Whether it is a feeling of overwhelm or some health issue, our body will get our attention.  If you don’t believe me, read my book Hope And Possibility Through Trauma.

Here’s to your continued journey knowing that the more you feel the body pain connection, the more you can live life fully.  It is more than pain.  Our life can be transformed in ways we do not understand.

We have to give ourselves the option of going there, and we have to grab on to the courage and determination to find it.  In the end, though, it is worth it.  There is so much more to our lives than we realize.

There is much more to awareness and consciousness than we know at this moment.  Find it.  Discover it!  Stop at nothing that holds you back or tries to prevent you from doing this.  You’re worth it, and that’s the awesome part of being human.

The more you are transforming the body pain connection into awareness, the more you are living your life in consciousness.


Transforming The Body Pain Connection