Discover The Mind Body Connection


Discover The Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Consciousness
Repressed Emotions Are Deceptive
Misunderstood Felt Sense – Uncovered

Oh, the wonderful mind body connection! It’s the place to be! It’s what matters.

Unfortunately, most of us experience the missing body!

Yep, I’m not talking crazy here.

We’re missing the connection to the body. The only thing is, we don’t realize it. We go through our days as if we’re all together, but our mind and body are strangers.

The Mind Body Connection Felt Sense

In my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, I write about the felt sense of the mind body connection.

pg 9 overcoming a mysterious condition quote

“The mind body connection begins with feeling in the body that allows us to connect deeper to the consciousness of the mind. Using the felt sense, we feel what is happening with the body, which provides the connection to the mind. It is then we begin to see with awareness so that we become more conscious about life. As we do this, all that we thought we could see and feel is realized from a new perspective.”

The whole point of this paragraph in my book is that to fully engage the mind body connection, we need to connect with the felt sense. The felt sense brings out what we currently feel and then helps us connect it to the mind.

Dr. Paul Canali On The Felt Sense

As Dr. Paul Canali has shared in his Unified Therapy seminars, “The act of connecting what is going on within the body with what you feel is referred to as the felt sense.”

Dr Paul Canali - felt sense

I’m not talking about feeling back pain or arm pain or whatever you consciously connect with at that moment. While those things are part of this moment and critical, the felt sense goes beyond them. It goes past these points to something much greater.

magnifying glass

The felt sense is the magnifying glass of the mind body connection. It is where we scan our part of the body from a cellular level. When we scan it, we begin to see so much more than we currently are aware.

We begin to see how somatization has control, even when we are not aware that it does. Somatization is the ability of the brain to convert emotional and mental stressors into a physical condition. (Pg 13, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition).

The brain takes our stressors such as emotions, repressed emotions, the toxic build-up of stress, and other experiences and converts them into pain and other mental health issues.

Go Into The Felt Sense Of The Mind Body Connection

If we can just get ourselves to stop and go into the felt sense of the mind body connection, we can give ourselves so much more freedom. We can affect the physical body in some very powerful ways. Unfortunately, few understand how to do this.

As humans, we give lip service to the mind body connection, but it is much more than a new age concept. It is real and it impacts us whether or not we want to believe it.

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