The Magic Pill Of Healing


The Magic Pill Of Healing

As we look everywhere for the magic pill of healing- - we fail to see, listen, hear, or realize that it is within us.

Difficult Moments In Healing
Feel Pain To Overcome It
Healing Abuse

This excerpt is from the chapter “The Magic Pill Of Healing” in my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition. It can be found on pages 165 to 167.

If you watch the movie All The Rage, you’ll quickly see that Dr. John Sarno discovered something most other doctors missed about pain. For the most part, his medical colleagues thought he was practicing something that did not fit into their medical knowledge paradigm. He would tell people that the pain they were having was not from physical issues in the body, but their emotions and how they reacted to life. Unfortunately, Dr. Sarno passed away not long ago, but the movie, All The Rage, is about his life’s work. I would urge you to check it out because it has some very good information.

Stanley Coen, a Columbia psychoanalyst and author, suggested that the purpose of the pain was to distract attention from frightening, threatening emotions and to prevent their expression.

Dr. John Sarno, M.D., The Mind Body Prescription

Is it easy to go into these difficult places of pain and struggle? Nope… no way… no freaking way! It is hard because you must stand up to all that you have lived through in life that has helped you survive and say, ”You know what – you’re not serving my best interests.” Of course, the moment you try to do that, fear rears up and slaps you so hard that you spin around the floor as if it won’t ever stop!

The Magic Pill Of Healing Is Within

Our society and our family structure are built around us not waking up in life. Try sharing a physical ailment online or with people that know you and see what the advice is. They will often tell you to take this product or pill or go through some procedure. No one will be telling you to go within and find that place of healing inside yourself. They often don’t know that this exists and many times, energetically, if you go into these places, you threaten their stability structure in life. It most likely will be a 100% unconscious reaction from other people. If you look for it, you will see it.

Then we start looking for the magic pill of healing. Surely some healing modality or some belief system or spiritual person will have the answer. We are bound and determined to get to the point where we feel we should go, but we’re still clinging to the 5000-pound weight we’re dragging behind us. We convince ourselves that this pretty and shiny new idea will be the magic pill we are looking for in life.

5000 pound weight

Walk The Talk In Healing

If we’re not careful, we will start chasing those that appear to talk the talk, but not walk the walk about healing one’s body. People have the jargon of the day down and sound believable, but they miss the body experience of healing. There is no depth and repeatability to what they say. Yes, they’ll hit some good points, and they will have some success, but the deep internal self will remain hidden from view.

In one of the episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, Aunt Bee got suckered into buying a healing elixir that was supposed to make their lives better. The traveling medicine show guy was great at telling people what they wanted to hear. He draws a crowd and gets them to buy his elixir. Soon, it becomes clear to Andy Griffith’s character that the elixir is nothing more than alcohol. Of course, they are feeling better because they are sloshed. This scenario is what happens time and time again in the world of healing. We drink the elixir of the day, thinking it is healing us.

Emma’s Blue Magic Pill Of Healing

blue pills

There was another episode where a new pharmacist comes into Mayberry to run the drugstore for her uncle. One of the ladies in the town by the name of Emma comes in for her blue pills but has no prescription. Of course, the pharmacist will not give her anything. Emma convinces everyone in the town that she is going downhill fast because she can’t get her blue pills. She develops all kinds of symptoms, and in the end, the pharmacist gives in and gives her the blue pills she wants. However, the twist to the story is that the blue pill was nothing more than a sugar pill or what we would know today as a placebo.

As we look everywhere for the magic pill of healing, we fail to see, listen, hear, or realize that it is within us. If we want to find what we need, we must go deep into the pain and the horror and the stuff we don’t want to see. Many times, we don’t even know what exists. We’ve become so good at hiding ourselves from it, that we can’t even remotely begin to see it.

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

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