The Body Pain Connection


The Body Pain Connection

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Feeling the body pain connection is something that is not easy for humans, but essential to living life to the fullest.  Yes, I know, it is much easier not to feel the body pain connection and act as if it doesn’t exist.

Sometimes as humans we put the happy face on, and we bury it.  We make sure that we recite our mantras and light our candles, all in an attempt to wish it away as if it does not exist.  We think that if we perform mental calculations and control our thoughts, that it will all go away.  Unfortunately, things don’t work like this.

You may be rolling your eyes at me and thinking that I don’t know much about the body pain connection.  The thing is, I’ve lived through this in my life, and I’ve experienced both the despair of it and the triumph through it.

When there is a pain in the body that gets so great it demands our attention, we’re long past the point of its origin.  We have missed the mile marker where the caution sign showed up to get our attention of difficulty that lies ahead.

Pain is often associated with a feeling or a memory or an experience that we’ve encountered.  The body reacts with a stress response of inflammation or other responses that then rise to a degree which does not allow us to ignore it.  By that time though the situation has risen to a level that a normal correction is not enough.

In most cases, humans turn to a number of things to alleviate it.  Some may pray about it or ask for angels and light to be given to them as a comfort.  Many will turn to over-the-counter remedies or new age alternative substances to help provide some relief.  Others will immediately schedule a doctor or therapist visit to deal with the difficult pain they experience.  Some will focus on positive thoughts, meditation and body movement modalities.

While none of these is necessarily a bad thing to do, they do not take the body pain connection into account.  They focus on one side of what is happening.  It is all about the current moment, not what is behind it.  It not about the root cause.  Please don’t beat yourself up for it because all humans do this.  It is part of the human experience.

After all, who wants to feel pain and discomfort?  Who wants to feel heartache, sadness, and despair?  None of us do.  It is not comfortable to be in this place.  The body pain connection is the biological moment where we say something is wrong, and it needs fixing.  I need out of this now.  I can no longer take it.

Yes, this is a biological part of our human existence.  It is a normal reaction.  However, it is not a long-term solution or an elevated way of consciously seeing our life.  It is living in pain, not living to our fullest possibility.  I’m well aware that to live up to our fullest possibility, we need those moments of pain.

Feeling the pain body connection is not something we gravitate toward.  It is something we often avoid through practices that we think are helpful, but are nothing more than further numbing and avoidance.  Yes, they might be “helpful” things, but if we are not careful, they don’t take us deep into the body pain connection.


The Body Pain Connection