Switching The Medium Channel


Switching The Medium Channel

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Switching the medium channel by changing between Mom and Medium.

See what I did there? All joking aside, I’m a pretty busy and regular person. One of my favorite comments from a client who was referred to me from another was, “He said that you were like a mom that you’d see in line at the grocery store.” Mediums have to eat too because we are human after all.

I’m a pretty regular person. I have a regular job and I grocery shop. Also, I ferry my son to his activities, and I visit my parents. Like everybody else, I wear a lot of hats.

I often get asked if the mediumship is on and the channel is open all the time. For one thing, I think it would be incredibly draining to be consciously connected all the time, and I’d be a lot bigger. I’m always more hungry after I do a reading (usually for something sweet too – which is not good for me!). Also, I do receive information from persistent spirits if the message is important or imminent, but a conscious connection is a different thing.

When I connect with a purpose, to conduct a reading, I call it conscious connection. I use various techniques to connect to spirit to complete the work I need to do for other people. A couple of different “switches” I use to get myself to flip over from everyday mode into a medium mode.

Switching The Medium Channel #1 – Creating Sacred Space

I move furniture around my living room and set up my reading space. I put a tablecloth on the table, spread out my cards, skulls, crystals, candles, etc. Then I state I am bringing in the light as I light the candles. I sage and ground the room, and then I get ready to open the channel. Just like with meditation, I think it’s a good idea if you can always do your readings in the same place in your home. Then as you are setting up, you can more easily roll into medium/reading mode. Just doing this switch will get you thinking from your higher self.

Switching The Medium Channel #2 – Prayers

I like to say prayers before I open the channel, mostly for the highest good of my client. I always ask that my client leave feeling empowered and perhaps with a different perspective on their life and the way forward.

Switching The Medium Channel #3 – Calling in back up

Before a reading, I call in the Archangels Azrael and Gabriel and ask them to help facilitate communication between this world and the next. In addition, I express my thanks for the gift of mediumship and their support in this endeavor.

Switching The Medium Channel #4 – Anointing

For reading preparation, I use a sage and marigold oil to anoint my third eye, throat and heart chakras. I don’t diffuse it in my house. I just put a couple of drops on my hand, anoint and then rub my hands together and inhale the smell. It is one of my physical triggers to get me into reading mode.

There are lots of different sorts of switches you can use. While I’m sure what works for me will be different for you. Reading and connecting consciously to spirit is a very individual thing, so it is crucial to find what works for you.

I think that the foundation for all of this is having a daily spiritual practice in which you engage to keep you focused and centered. Whether this is a daily meditation practice, a prayer practice, running, tai-chi, yoga, etc. It’s important to be able to flip your mind into that place of higher self. Therefore, the more you work on your daily spiritual practice, the more easily you will find you can take yourself from every day to extra-sensory.

Once I’m done, I close the channel. Also, I clear my space and go back to “regular life”.

What kind of spiritual practice do you engage in daily?

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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