Stuck Energy Impacts The Mind Body


Stuck Energy Impacts The Mind Body

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This last bodywork therapy session was a good example of how stuck energy impacts the mind body. I am feeling much better, but lately I’ve been struggling with some very serious issues. To start getting some relief is a very positive thing.

The day after the session though I felt wiped out. I was tired and sleepy and overall had little energy. I could feel pain throughout my body to the point where it was really bothering me.

Is This Therapy Helpful?

You may be wondering as you read about the aftereffects of the session if this therapy is really any good. Yes, you might even be thinking, why would you want to be in discomfort after the session? It may just not seem right if you’ve not been through this work.

When you are moving a lot of stuck energy out of the cells of the body, sometimes you feel pretty rough. The therapy goes in and helps you connect with that stuck energy. So, to move it and clean it out of your cells is not always a quick process.

Sometimes the process moves very quickly and other times it takes a day or two. A day later I started feeling much better. I can see the progression.

We All Store Stuck Energy

We all store so much stuck energy in the cells, muscles, tissues, and space of our mind and body. No, I’ve got no way to measure that or show it through some medical test. However, I’ve been going through this therapy for years and I can personally vouch for how it works in me.

Sometimes we want to go seek help and have someone fix us immediately. We don’t want to deal through the pain. I get it. It isn’t fun dealing with the pain of what comes up, especially when you have lived through so much in your life. When you can allow yourself to go into all of the stuck energy and not attach to it, but feel the emotion that comes up, so much change can happen. It is when healing happens.

I’m perfectly fine with going through this part of the process. I know that it may be a little rough temporarily, but that is the rest of the session unfolding. It is where the stuck energy that’s been jackhammered loose is finding its way out of my system.

Healing Is Feeling and Feeling Is Healing

Deep Peace In The Mind Body

One of the most important parts in a bodywork session is the moment of very deep peace. It is essential for this type of work because without it further progression gets much more difficult. Even now, through the body pain, I can still connect with that deep peace.

When we allow ourselves to loosen up that stuck energy within the body, it gives us more room for deep peace to fill the void. The more we hold that stuck energy in the mind body, the more pain and difficulty we will experience.