Stronger Together


Stronger Together

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Stronger Together is a song single created by Don Shetterly that was born on February 2, 2018.   Back in 2007, I came up with this little tune on Jam Studio.  For a long time, the tune did not go anywhere.  The initial chords had been there, but without Jam Studio, the song was just a bunch of notes.

The part about Stronger Together that I love is the structure and progression of the chords as they weave together.  In my mind, it feels like notes coming together to make the song stronger.  It is the same thing that I see that needs to happen throughout this world.

For years though, I looked at this chord progression sheet and could not make anything happen.  The notes resonated deeply with me, but that is as far as I could go with the tune.  I finally gave up and just put this on the back burner.  Every so often, I would get it out and play with the concept on my piano.  I’m surprised the printed sheet of paper managed to stay intact all these years.

Several months ago, I was struggling through some dark times. Challenges were difficult, and I was having a hard time holding on in life. Too many things were weighing hard on me and experiences that were trying their hardest to take me under completely.

Stronger Together ButterflyOn November 24, 2017, I went to the Butterfly Garden (name) at the University of Florida Gainesville campus. It was there that I had a unique experience where a butterfly landed on me and crawled up to my waist. The butterfly stayed with me for a long time even as I walked around the butterfly garden. In fact, when I left, they had to lift him off of me as he did not want to go.

During that day, I took a beautiful photo which is going to be a part of my inspirational photograph project. This picture had three butterflies huddled together, and it just hit me that day that I was not alone. I had so much strength to continue. The title of the photograph used in the CD image became the name of the song,  Stronger Together.

When I sat down and started to work with this tune again, I had the picture sitting above me on the wall. It became my inspiration and my voice to what the song was telling me.

We all go through difficult moments and challenges in life. Sometimes, it feels like we are all alone and there is no one there for us. However, if we look around us and to the side of us, we’ll see that we are not alone. Often in the midst of those trying times, we fail to look at all that is there to help us in those moments.

Stronger Together should be our rallying cry for humanity. When we walk together and support one another, it is then that we are much stronger. Together we are stronger. When we walk by ourselves, the difficult moments only get worse.

There are many challenges in our world today, and many are hurting. Every day we hear of tragedy and stories that people have endured some of the worst atrocities.  We can find our way back by reaching out and asking for help and support.

Stronger Together is a song to remind us that when we unite together as one human race and lift one another up, we will be so much stronger. We will be able to move mountains that we did not think we could do.

I dedicate this song not only as a reminder to myself that reaching out and offering support makes us stronger. I dedicate this song to all those that are struggling through moments that appear too difficult.  We are all Stronger Together.

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