Stress Related Disorder Discover In The Mind Body


Stress Related Disorder Discover In The Mind Body

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A stress related disorder is a fact according to this study I read.

While I have come to learn over the years that stress impacts the body in ways modern medicine doesn’t understand.  It is helpful when a study is done to corroborate these concepts.  They no longer are beliefs that I hold but are backed up by strong science and research.  All too often, we live our diagnosis and prescriptions while ignoring the role we play in our physical and mental health.

Now, I’m sure some reading this may be up in arms over these statements.  However, I don’t say this from my belief.  I have lived this and have seen other people live these concepts.  The more I continue into my own healing, the more I see what is possible.  In many ways, I’m not sure there is an end to how far we can go as humans.

I am thankful that All The Rage (the Story Of Pain), shared this story on Facebook.

In Sweeden

A 30-year study done in Sweeden looked at over one million people.  Of these study subjects, over 100,000 were ultimately diagnosed with a stress related disorder.  Of those diagnosed with a stress-related disorder such as PTSD or acute stress reaction, 30 to 40 percent were likely to have a diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.  Such diseases included rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and celiac disease.

I find it interesting that the article discusses how a growing hypothesis among research scientists that stress causes inflammation in the brain.  As a result that a stress-related disorder could be the result.  In addition, one study noted that brain inflammation is explicitly correlated with suicidal thoughts.

I Believe What The Study Says Is

I believe what this study tells us is that stress is much harder on the body than we realize.  Yes, we all know that to a degree.  We are so unconscious in this and we fail to see it fully in our mind and body.  People do not understand for the most part what stress is in their own life.  Too often, they see it as a weakness, not as a time to make a course correction in life.  We spend far too much time exhausting our mind and body and too little time taking care of the one body we are given.  A stress related disorder is very real.

In My Own Life

In my own life, I exhausted myself to the point of a conversion disorder.  Yes, there were many past experiences that led up to the moment of this diagnosis.  However, I further exacerbated my condition because of the stress I was putting myself under in my job and personal life.  Even though I could have easily accepted that this is something I would always live with, I decided I was going to prove everyone wrong.

We have to give up this idea in our world that we are too busy to deal with stress and experiences in our lives.  We are the strongest when we get in touch with these things at the deepest parts of our body and mind.  The more we act as if they don’t exist, the more damaging it is for our lives.

Study On Stress Related Disorders

Article Link:  30 Year Study