Stress Numbs Busy Lives


Stress Numbs Busy Lives

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At one time, my days zipped by from one meeting and conference call to the next. When I was not in meetings, I was either traveling to client sites or handling support calls. Little was I aware that stress numbs busy lives.

Sure, I had to deal with stress in my life, and I knew how it could somatically take me down. Those lessons were lost in time. When I had more to do than I could keep up with, I seemed to forget what I learned. The stress numbs our busy lives.

If you’re facing what I went through, I’m sure this all sounds fine and dandy if you can afford the time to read it. I bet you’re saying, but that’s not me or I’ve got stress under control. We repeat these words until we convince ourselves that they are right.

It was not until I stopped long enough that I identified how much the stress was impacting my body. It took anxiety getting so high in me, and my life feeling out of control before I stopped! Until that moment, I had myself believing that everything was fine.

Stress is a silent traumatizer and killer. It sneaks up on us when we don’t even see it anywhere close. We hide from it and we act as if it does not exist, but it is present! We turn a blind eye to it, hoping it will go away, only for it to laugh and scoff in the distant recesses of our mind and body.

Stress numbs busy lives because it pulls the wool over our eyes. It keeps the mind believing something that is not true. Taking up residency within the body, it hides until we experience pain and health issues.

When stress gets our attention, it is when things have reached a critical level in life. By this time, we are experiencing significant health crises that require major medical intervention. In fact, most of the doctor visits, according to studies, are the result of stress.

I realize that we see it as weak when we admit there is stress in life. The consequence of this egotistical view is that stress numbs busy lives. If we don’t face up to it being a sign of strength to admit that we have stress in our lives, we will cause ourselves undue health issues.

To realize stress numbs busy lives, we must first get real with our lives. We must stop and allow ourselves to observe that stress is present. Then, we need to own up to it and make different choices, so it is not controlling and impacting our lives. The more we allow stress to build up, the more damage it will do as if we have been severely hurt or traumatized.

You can avoid stress all you want, but sooner or later, it will catch up with you!

Please remember, stress numbs busy lives!


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