Stress Lives In The Body


Stress Lives In The Body

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Often I see and hear people talk about pain and mental issues. It breaks my heart to see all that we carry around. Yes, I include myself in this because I do the same thing. I’m human too. However, the fact remains that stress lives in the body.

We sometimes don’t understand just how much stress impacts us. Sure, it seems plausible, and we talk as if we understand it. In many ways, though, we don’t. It is almost like head knowledge that goes no further than our thought processes.

Stress lives in the body and if you don’t believe it, consider moments right before physical pain shows up. See what happens when you’ve gone through a significant stress in life or difficult moments. If you look carefully, you’ll connect the dots between the experience and the physical pain and discomfort in the body.

Stress is not something that we just think about in our heads. It is more than that. If it were a brain process only, we could think our way out of it. Unfortunately, it resides in the body and because of that, the body needs to resolve it.

Far too many times we want just to think happy thoughts and positive things, but that is ignoring what the body stores. Stress is stored in the cells, tissues, neural pathways, and nervous system. When we just engage the brain, we’re making the body out to be useless in our healing.

By learning how to feel and sense the internal body, we’re engaging that part of the mind body connection. It does not have to be a system that is elaborate to do this. Sure, things like Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Massage, QiGong, breathing, and exercise can help, but there is so much we can do on our own.

If you’ll just take a moment and stop and feel your body, it can do so much. We stay so busy avoiding things that we inflict more pain and harm on our lives. If you focus on your body, and while engaging it use your breath to connect, then you will supercharge healing in your body. You will significantly enhance the mind body connection.

There is so much more we can do than just realize how much stress lives in the body. We can interact with our minds and bodies in ways that bring real healing and pain relief, rather than despair. There is a ticket out of the difficult moments if we engage not only our thoughts but the felt sense of the body.

It is about allowing ourselves to recognize that stress lives in the body. It involves letting ourselves stop and observe and FEEL what is happening in the body. When you’ve done these two things, it is then about connecting what you feel in the body with the mind. When you’ve done this, you have the chance for greater awareness. Greater awareness leads to an interaction that offers more healing and consciousness to your life.

For some reason, as humans, we have gotten away from being connected to our lives in this world. We have forgotten that stress lives in our body. Instead, we turn to medications and procedures that don’t go to the root of the problem. Please take a moment and start the process of beginning to reconnect with your body. If you need help, find someone that can help with this process. The more you discover and learn how to do this, the more it will pay great dividends.

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