Stress Impacts The Mind Body


Stress Impacts The Mind Body

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It is easy to go through our day and ignore stress.  However, stress impacts the mind body.   Yes, we all know it is present, but we’re so detached from it that we barely manage to see its full existence.  Even if we see its entire presence in our lives, we miss just how much stress impacts the mind body.

Many today know the jargon of what stress means and how to spot it, but few truly understand how it shows up in a body.  If more understood this, our world would be radically different.  It doesn’t stop us from thinking we know more than we do.

If you look at situations today involving illness, pain, and physical issues, there’s an underlying part of the stress that happens before our eyes.  Stress impacts the mind body, but yet we don’t make that connection.  Yes, in theory, we do, and in words we do, but in the physical felt sense of the body, it is a hidden connection.

Research suggests that most of the doctor visits are because of our inability to recognize and deal with stress.  We’re just not aware of it in our lives.  Even if we are, we have never been taught how to deal with stress.  Dealing with it in our life is more than drinking down a glass of wine to numb and detach ourselves from it.

When I was in high school, I remember having an ulcer.  There was tremendous horror taking place in my house.  Stress was just one of my constant companions that I did not know existed.  When I got out of the hospital, I remember major influencing people in my life giving me advice.  ONe told me that I needed to learn how not to worry.  Another told me to recite the serenity prayer.  There was one person that said I should just pray about it.

The thing is, no one when I asked them could tell me how to deal with stress.  The people I asked had their “beliefs about it,” but clearly, they did not understand much more than that.  I see that with most people.  They come up with sayings and beliefs and thoughts, but few know how to get rid of stress.  Most do not understand how stress impacts the mind body.

Stress is something you need to come to an awareness about in your life.  If you don’t see it, and most people do not fully see it, then there’s no way you can begin to deal with it.  We all stay too busy and too occupied to even acknowledge its presence in our lives and the impacts on the mind body.

By the time, you are noticing that stress is impacting you, you’re a thousand miles past the point of it having an impact.  Most likely, you missed the warning signs that your mind body was throwing at you.

To deal with stress, we need to find a way to stop in our day and disconnect from our lives that have become too busy.  We need to learn to decide what matters most.  Is it how many activities and events we can engage in each day?  Is it in how we cannot say “no” to anyone?  Maybe it is how we do not stand up for ourselves and how we take care of ourselves.

The more we detach from our life, the more stress sneaks in and has its way.  When it does this, our mind and body become so numb that we become blind to its presence.  It is more than a mental exercise.

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