Stop For SelfCare


Stop For SelfCare

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Do You Practice Self-Care?

Are you too busy in your life to stop for selfcare?

I know most of us will recognize that we have so many demands on our time, but we stop at this realization.  We don’t fully see what it does to us or how we can change it.

I know, I’d been too busy and had not fully seen all there is to see.  There were just too many people who needed my attention or tasks that needed to be completed.  It was not until I had exhausted myself that I woke up to what I was doing.

This is selfcare checkup time. 

It is a time to stop and become aware, not hide and numb.

Selfcare Abuse On The Mind Body

Even when we’re in the midst of these busy moments, we don’t always see what we are doing to the mind and body.  We just keep plowing on because that is what life expects of us.  It is what we expect of ourselves.

No, we may not say that or acknowledge it.  We may think that somehow we’re better than the pack running through the forest, but are we really?  If we are too busy, then selfcare is not on our horizon.  It most likely is nothing more than a meme or a statement we share through social media.

I write about this in my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition  (find spot about relaxation/stress/busy) because I used to do this all the time.  In fact, if I am not careful I can slip back into those moments where I’m too busy in life.  I don’t stop for selfcare.

We all do this.  It is human nature, especially when we’re running through toxic stress, fear, and obligations.  It is our way of survival, but it is detrimental to our health. 

Mind Body Abuse Catches Up With Us

Yes, we think we can push through it and it doesn’t impact our mind and body.  We think we can outrun what will happen to us.  Unfortunately, it does catch up with us sooner or later.  We just don’t see the connection between the physical situations we face and how we abuse the body and mind we are given.

We only have one body when we are born and yet more often than not, we abuse it horrendously.  When we don’t stop for selfcare moments because we are too busy, we are shredding and destroying our cells.  They need time for rest and repair.  We do this by stopping and resting and being connected to the body and mind, not through numbing and disconnect.

If you read my book, “Overcoming A Mysterious Condition,” you’ll see just how badly I ran my body down.  I thought I was doing what I should be doing, but until it took me to the point of my last breath, selfcare was only lip service. 

Sometimes, we have to be awakened in life when we are too busy and we don’t practice selfcare.  The mind and body need awareness, not disconnect.  We only get that when we stop and observe so that we become aware of all that our life is.  Life is not about the many tasks and people that need us, but becoming more in each moment that we have.  It is about cherishing those moments because we never know when one of them could be our last.