Smoothies Do A Body Good


Smoothies Do A Body Good

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Back in June 2009, we started something that we still do to this day. We make our healthy smoothies every morning. There is no way we would do without these, and if we miss a few days, we feel like we are missing a healthy start in the morning.

I remember sitting at a Qigong conference listening to Jeff Primack talk about smoothies and phytochemicals and good digestion. I still can recall him talking about bowel movements. As the crowd laughed and giggled that day, it was apparent that what he was saying was so right.

One of the reasons we started on smoothies was for help in the area of digestion and bowel movement. While this may be making you a little uncomfortable, it is an important topic in the field of health and wellness. We retain far more in our digestive tracts than is healthy for a human. The smoothies greatly help in this area.

Also, the smoothies help us from getting sick. I’m not going to say that we never get sick or we never have a cold, but if we do, it seems like it only lasts for a short time. It never seems to get as bad as what we experience before the smoothies. It feels like we bounce back quicker.

One time not long ago, I was in a store and overheard a couple of people in the checkout line saying they were on their second and third round of flu that winter. I must have stood there confused because I was not aware there was a first round of flu and cold. With the smoothies, we just don’t get the typical illness that we see others dealing with during the winter.

More importantly, though, we do the smoothies as a preventive for major illness and cancer prevention. Now, I have no way of telling you beyond a shadow of a doubt that doing the smoothies will prevent these issues. I know that Jeff Primack has many success stories of people who have reversed significant health issues.

For me though, I know that consuming proper amounts of healthy fruits and vegetables in as raw a form as I can get them is a healthy thing to do. It makes sense and so even though I can’t prove it will prevent things, I know it cannot hurt to consume smoothies. To me, smoothies do a body good.

I like the idea that the vegetables and fruits are in the raw form full of phytochemicals. They often have their skins and seeds on them so that they are the most nutrient-rich form I can consume. It just makes sense to me to do this. It makes sense for my body I think.

We do have a specific recipe we follow that we learned from Jeff Primack. No, it isn’t a “green smoothie, ” and it doesn’t have dairy products in it, but they taste good. I’ll leave the link below for more information on what we do.

There are many different schools of thought out there on what a smoothie should be, but this method works wonders for us. There are specific reasons each of the ingredients we add to the smoothie. For us, the smoothies taste good, and according to Jeff Primack, that is one of the primary considerations. If a smoothie doesn’t taste right, no one is going to drink it.

If you’ve never consumed daily smoothies, just know that smoothies do a body good! Give them a try and see for yourself!



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