Seriously – Is This Humanity In 2020?


Seriously – Is This Humanity In 2020?

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As I write this, I watch the world unfold before my eyes in a way that makes me question humanity. In some ways, I see the good in people, and other ways I don’t.

I see a lot of selfishness and me-first attitudes. It doesn’t matter what walk of life, political affiliation, or religious viewpoint you are from. All that seems to matter these days is each person’s survival. There is little concern about the survival of humanity, not just a select few. Again, I see this across all walks of life and spectrums.

So many think that they are righteous or better than other individuals. Many view themselves as having all the right answers while everyone else is wrong. It is an us vs. them attitude, and it seems to be on a collision course with humanity.

This Isn’t Humanity, Is It?

I get so tired of seeing people claim how great they are, and yet their actions say just the opposite. They stand opposed to everyone else, but yet try to make you believe it is the other guys that are bad. This isn’t humanity, is it?

In my view, the planet is a harsh world to live in, and if we don’t work together as individuals, the collective harshness of survival is much more difficult. We will doom humanity if all we do is stand opposed to one another.

I have so many friends who want nothing to do with you if you don’t discuss politics. If you don’t share their political beliefs, they shun you. Surely, there’s far more to this world than politics.

There are many that will only speak to you if you are on Facebook or Twitter. If you are not, you don’t exist in their world. If they can’t “like” or view some meaningless dribble that is spread across social media, there is no engagement. Therefore, there is no communication.

Overwhelming Stress These Days

I get it. People are not in their right minds through the pandemic stress that has impacted every corner of this world. They are in survival mode and are numbing, whether anyone wants to believe that it is true or not.

I can easily see it, and to be honest I’m struggling myself not to go deep into survival mode like most are. It is not easy to do, because when your life is threatened with the possibility of death, it can either make you hide in a cave or find ways you can assist humanity as a whole.

If you read my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, you’ll know that I’ve been at this point in my life. The day I almost didn’t come back to this world was a life-changing moment. I know how difficult it is to struggle with overwhelming stress and watch your body fall apart before your eyes in an instant.

Opposed – We All Suffer

We all have to find our way through this, but we can’t do it by standing opposed to everyone. We can’t do it by shunning everyone that doesn’t measure up to the eyes of our ego. We have to embrace everyone together. When we are together, humanity survives. When we stand opposed, we all suffer.

If you think you’re doing everything right and everyone else is wrong, I would urge you to look deep into your soul and open your eyes. More than likely, you’re as much a part of the problem as the people you condemn, no matter how right you may appear to be. You may not see it in this moment or want to see it, but it doesn’t mean you are correct in your views, beliefs, and opinions.

It Is Time To Wake Up

This is not a time to sink down and numb ourselves in every way possible. It is time to wake up, stand up, and see how far we can help humanity not only survive, but prosper.

By the time this blog post is public, I have no idea what the world will look like. I am afraid to make those predictions. However, I write from what I’m seeing at this point and I hope we progress together as one humanity, not as individuals with hatred in our hearts.

Photo By Don Shetterly at White Sands Buddhist Center