Seeing The Possibility Of Healing


Seeing The Possibility Of Healing

Seeing the possibility of healing is the way we heal, and sometimes it is the little tiny steps we take.

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Far too often, we just don’t see what’s over the horizon. We question if we can heal. More times than not, we don’t see the possibility of healing. It is there, but sometimes we have to trust that it is.

It feels to me like stepping off a cliff with nothing but a long distance down to the ground to go. Imagine standing on, a cliff and just leaping. That’s what it has often felt to me, and even though I need to take that leap, it is not easy at all to do.

It is often hard to convince ourselves that we can take that jump. If we do decide to do this, there will be something to catch us on the way down. We have no way to know that at the moment.

Often, it is nothing more than a gut feeling, a thought or a desire. We get to the point that we must step out from our comfort zone and all that we know. We must embrace the possibility.

Step Out Into The Unknown

A therapist once told me something that I still use to this day. Sometimes we have to step out of the light of all we know into the darkness of the unknown. When we do, we will have something solid to stand on, or we will be given wings and taught to fly. At the point we reach the cliff sometimes we have to take that leap.

It is not easy to see what lies ahead. It is not easy seeing the possibility of healing. If we stay in our comfort zone, we may not find the greater moments ahead for our healing. If we dare to take a step, we most likely will find what is beyond that which we cannot see at this moment.

Possibility Requires Us To Trust

Possibility requires us to trust and hope in something beyond our current thought. It often compels us to steady ourselves by taking the hand of another who has already made that leap over the cliff. Possibility requires us to go further and gather all the courage and strength we have to do this. It compels us to reach deeper into ourselves and further than we have ever gone.

Seeing the possibility of healing is the way we heal, and sometimes it is the little tiny steps we take. It may not be that we jump off the cliff in one single step. Often, our little steps take us to the same point. Many times we don’t even see that we have jumped off the cliff until we can look back and see just how far we have traveled in our healing.

Allow yourself to keep seeing the possibility of healing. Even if you’re not aware of what that completely entails, don’t stop believing that it is possible to heal.

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