Resources I Find Helpful

On this page, these are resources I find helpful. There are many out there, but the ones I list here are things that I have personally used. This is based upon my experiences.

I was trying to build pages of resources in general that could be potentially helpful, but it became a spam email magnet. People would constantly hound me to push their "organization or product" but most of the time, these fell short of aligning with my goals and purpose.

If you have any desire for your resource to be on this page, we need to have a one-on-one connection where I have personally tried your product and/or service. Please don't email the website asking for your service to be added because 99% of those are nothing more than spam. I don't participate in link spamming and it will be reported.

Trauma Healing Resources

Unified Therapy

Dr Paul Canali Healing Trauma

Unified Therapy, created by Dr. Paul Canali to help heal trauma, anxiety, and life's challenges.  I have discussed Dr. Paul Canali's work on my life through my blog and in my book.  He has been instrumental in helping me heal from Conversion Disorder, the effects of trauma and child abuse along with anxiety.


Healing Words Resonated After School Stabbing

Integrative Bodyworks

Jim Fazio, LMT bodywork based on Unified Therapy with Dr. Paul Canali. An excellent place for resources on trauma and healing.



Child Sexual Abuse Resources

Male Survivor Organization

Child Sexual Abuse Resources

The Male Survivor Organization is an excellent place for men that have been sexually abused as children.  You will find support, a forum as well as places for professionals and survivors and many resources.

Male Survivor Website

Mind Body

All The Rage

All The Rage Documentary is the story of pain based upon the work of Dr. John Sarno. He was a pioneer in the mind body field especially when it came to treating back pain. Michael Galinsky has produced an excellent documentary on this subject.




Blog Post Review

Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery

Childhood sexual abuse recovery resources as provided by survivors on a twitter question I asked.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery Page

Mental Health Resources

Rebecca Lombardo

Rebecca Lombardo - Its Not Your Journey

Rebecca Is an author, advocate, survivor and Podcast host for mental health issues




Mind Body Thoughts Interview

Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

Patricia is a lightworker who endured trauma and abuse. She works to help and support others walking in a similar journey.



Resources for Survivos Of Incest Support

I Am Holden On

I Am Holden On

Promoting mental wellness, inspiration and hope. Based upon the movie Holden On


Movie: Holden On


Why I List Resources

When I first started dealing with all that I had been through (read my book to learn more), there was no online social media like today. I often felt very alone. If it wasn't for the help of places like Voices and Male Survivor, it would have been more difficult. There was also another message board in the early days called MASSF. Unfortunately, Voices and MASSF are no longer around to help.

There are many times that I see people hurting or they come to me and I'm just not sure where to send them. I struggle to keep up with everyone out there. So, I wanted to make a page on this site that is dedicated to resources that help others in the area of mental health issues, Conversion Disorder, child abuse, psychological abuse and overall alternative therapy.

Resources listed here are from people I have met. There's no way for me to evaluate their effectiveness, but maybe by my listing them here, it gives you a starting point for your own journey.

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