Rescuing Animals Are Good For Our Health


Rescuing Animals Are Good For Our Health

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Did you know that rescuing animals is good for our health?

Last year, my husband and I traveled to Niagara Falls. We stayed there overnight, and I was so excited for the next day. I had seen BoBo posted on the Internet. He was a five-month-old, sweet little puppy. A Yorkshire Terrier. BoBo was abandoned. And we couldn’t wait to rescue him. I was lucky to find him.

When we arrived, he was only 5 pounds. He was very, very shy and was shaking like a leaf.


BoBo is our fourth rescue. I love rescuing animals. It’s in my bones.

Maybe it’s because I witnessed animal abuse when I was a child. Or, maybe it’s because I was abused myself as a child. I don’t know. But I love helping animals, and I believe by helping them heal from their abuse, it has helped me heal myself.

Strong Connection To Animals

I have such a strong connection to animals. When I had contacted a psychic a few years ago about why I was experiencing so much hatred and suffering from my brother, she told me I had so many animal spirits surrounding me. And to never be afraid.

She told me, I was a native in a previous life. She said that I had healed many animals and that I had healing hands.

It was a great reading for me because I truly do connect with animals and they help me on a daily basis. When I started researching about the benefits of having animals around us, it made complete sense to me. They are the gifts from the Universe.  Many studies that talk about the benefits of owning animals.

I started when I was ten years old, and my dog was hit by a car. I stayed in the whole summer instead of going outside and playing, I nursed my dog back to health.

It was at that age that my life was starting to turn around from all my childhood abuse. I was hiding in my closet and shutting down at nine years old until a piano teacher stepped in and changed my life.

My little video features my wonderful Bo Bo and my puppets.

Video on Rescuing Animals

Having animals in my life has been a wonderful experience for me.


– Laura (Psychological Bullying Talk)

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