Repeating Life Patterns


Repeating Life Patterns

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Do you ever find yourself repeating life patterns?  You know, those things that we tend to be unconscious of but they impact us so much!  They are the opening to life lessons in my view, but if we fail to see them, it becomes a continuous loop.

For me, I’m learning that if I can become aware of them and identify them, I have a chance to change how I react to them in the future.  Now, that’s a big gulp to take in, but it is true.  Unfortunately, most of us humans are not conscious of these.

One of the biggest ones I face and I’ve not been able to figure out how to get past it is when bullies come after me.  I’ve worked in jobs that a bully zeroes in and goes after me with full force.  In my childhood, I grew up with bullies in the house and so once again, I’m repeating life patterns.

Don’t Let Them Do It

One therapist told me a story several years ago how she, as a student teacher, dealt with bullies when I was facing this issue in the workplace.  She told me that when she walked in the classroom, the kids just ran all over her.  She was frustrated and ready to quit.  So trying not to keep repeating life patterns again, she went to her mentor and asked for her advice.  Her mentor told her “just don’t let them do it.”   She was perplexed.  “What do you mean,” she asked her mentor?  That is all the mentor said.

To keep herself from repeating life patterns, she went in the next day and tried to figure this out.   It took her a few tries, but finally, the light bulb clicked and she said to herself, “I’m just not going to let them do it.”  Lo and behold, it worked.  The kids calmed down and she got in control of the class.

Now, I’ve not been as fortunate with that as she was, but I’ve made considerable progress in this area using that same concept.  Still, repeating life patterns are not always about learning the lesson in one sitting.   Sometimes we have to learn bits and pieces or relearn the whole lesson again until we get it.

Repeating Life Patterns – Anger

Another one that I struggle with is getting angry.  Yes, it is repeating life patterns in so many ways because it is what I witnessed growing up in my God-fearing house full of love!  I never learned how to fully deal with life’s stresses and situations.  In fact, one of the reasons I ended up with conversion disorder is because I never learned how to deal with life.  It was not taught to me and so instead, I continued repeating life patterns.

Now I am learning more about how to take a step back and look at the situation giving myself a different choice when moments get stressful.  I do regular bodywork and massage so that I can reduce the allostatic load (toxic stress) on my body.  The more I do these things, the more I am changing this life pattern.

Repeating Life Patterns – Sabotaging Myself

Sabotaging myself is another way I find myself repeating life patterns.  I think I’m not good enough and that reflects in choices and things that I do.  It impacts how I see abundance in my life.  It holds me back from discovering my full potential.  I am learning to let go of more and more that holds me back.  I am learning how to release it all, from the inner workings of my body to what my mind perceives.

Repeating Life Patterns – Relationships

Some people are repeating life patterns through relationships.  Have you ever noticed that they get married to those that are toxic and are a repeat of previous relationships?  Have you ever seen someone get in a relationship and realize that they are pairing up with the wrong person.  Often we don’t see that in ourselves, but it is one that you can easily see if you observe other people.

There is usually some lesson to learn when we are repeating life patterns.  They are there for a reason and if we become aware and conscious enough, we will see them.  That is the tricky part though because unless we’re hit upside the head with the proverbial two-by-four, we just don’t see it.  We can claim we see ourselves, but I’m telling you from personal experience, much of this is not in our conscious awareness.

Life has a way of trying to help us along.  It is part of our journey as a human.  If we don’t see ourselves repeating life patterns, we will continue in a loop until we do.  If we take a moment to see them, there’s a good chance we’ll move through them and on to the next lesson in life.

Quantum Leap And Life Lessons

I recall a TV show called Quantum Leap.  In each episode, there was something that needed to be fixed.  It was another opportunity at learning a life’s lesson.  Maybe I could even suggest that it was a way to stop repeating life patterns.  If the lesson was learned in the episode of the show, they would find themselves in a new scenario.  There would be another issue to solve.  I think this TV show is a good metaphor for repeating life patterns and learning how to solve them.

One of the things that I notice in people wanting to change how they view issues in life or even abundance is that they don’t do the hard work to solve the issue.  It is far easier to follow a teaching, but when it comes to true action, we sit on the doorstep, hoping for the door to open.  We must make the effort to physically pull the door open.

We’re all much more than we realize. If we take a hard look at ourselves, we’ll see ways we can progress further in life.  The more we learn, the more we become.  The more we heal our lives and stop repeating life patterns, the greater joy and possibility will become part of our life.  We won’t be wishing for more because we will be embracing more in life.