Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds


Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds

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Do you sleep well at night? Could your sleep be more peaceful? One of the things I have created is a CD of relaxing ocean wave sounds.

I play this every night when I go to bed, and it does help me sleep. Little noises that might be around no longer bother me as much. When I travel, I take this with me and play it on my iPod. It helps block out all the sounds in a hotel, where there is so much noise,

The Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds CD is nothing but the sound of ocean waves. I recorded it near New Smyrna Beach at the Canaveral National Seashore. It is a continuous 69-minute soundtrack that is exactly how it sounded, as it happened.

I keep all my CD’s as close to the real sound as I can get. I do not try to alter or engineer them other than making sure the volume level is right. On this CD, you will find pure relaxing ocean wave sounds and nothing else.

Sometimes I play it in the house while I’m working because it helps give a background sound that allows me to write. It drowns out all the external noises, much like white noise would do.

The Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds CD was recorded on June 21, 2011, on a beautiful summer day filled with sunshine and few clouds. It was a peaceful day with only a few people around, in a mostly remote area.

There were a few times that I had to stop recording because curious onlookers had to come walking up to where I was recording. Of course, this meant that even their footsteps in the sand made enough noise to be picked up on my equipment. While I was trying to record it during low tide, I almost lost some equipment because the tide was coming back in.

Please check out this CD, Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds, and see if it helps you sleep at night. You may just want to allow it quiet the stress in your day. It will work great for your meditation or quiet time practice.

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