Relaxation Through Breathing


Relaxation Through Breathing

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Even though it is so simple to do, we forget about it. Relaxation through breathing is such a powerful healing tool, but for some reason, our minds disconnect from it as if it does not exist.

There are many reasons of course why we disconnect from the unconscious behavior of breathing. Outside of it being unconscious, sometimes we just get so busy or were fighting far too many difficulties in our life. We numb to all there is that we go through and we go on autopilot as if our body is separated from our mind.

Relaxation through breathing is so powerful. We can drive away pain from our bodies when we engage with our breath. We can calm our nervous system when it is struggling with anxiety. Through breathing, we can bring out significant changes in our muscle tension, our outlook on life, and our reactions to many things that may be staring us down.

If we stay numb and disconnected though, we will not experience the full power of what breathing does for us. We will remain stuck in whatever moment we are facing, feeling like there is no way out. I do realize that there is much more to healing and living a life free of pain, difficulty, and struggle, but breathing does so much for us.

The thing is, breathing is so simple to focus on in our lives. It doesn’t take much at all to do and can take very little time. Even spending thirty seconds on a simple little exercise can do so much. You can do it wherever you are from waiting in line at the store to your desk.
Try This Exercise

Take thirty seconds or if you can spare it, a minute and do this little exercise. If you can close your eyes, it helps but if not, just keep your focus away from distractions. Remember, it is only thirty seconds. Start by being aware of your breath. Ask yourself how shallow or deep your breathing is. Just notice it and observe it. See how fast or slow your breathing is. Just take note of this and observe it. You’re not trying to do anything but notice and feel it and see what your breathing is doing.

If you want to do a little more advanced exercise, you can always see how far you feel your breath go in your body. Can you feel it deep within? Can you feel your breathing go to your hands, legs, feet, or back? How far does it go and how far can you notice it?

Once you have done this for thirty seconds, how do you feel? Do you feel more centered and grounded? Do you feel like you are back in the present moment, ready to tackle your day? You might even feel like you’ve just taken an hour nap or that your body feels less tense. Maybe, pain is reduced, or you have a better outlook on your day.

In that thirty seconds, most likely you will experience something better. Relaxation in breathing can be this simple. It does not have to be a long drawn out exercise that makes it impossible. This exercise is one that you can do multiple times throughout your day, and it will not only bring about relaxation but a different outlook on life.

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