Relaxation Through Awareness


Relaxation Through Awareness

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Relaxation through awareness is something I think many of us desire, but few of us do.

We spend some moments relaxing, but that’s the extent of it.

When you practice relaxation through awareness, it brings a whole new dimension to your life. Your day is filled with much more purpose and joy. It can truly transform your life.

My Experience

Early on when I was paralyzed, I enjoyed the first weekend in the psychiatric hospital just resting and taking it easy. There was not a full schedule and since walking was still an issue, someone pushed me outside in my wheelchair.

It was a warm day with a cool breeze and full of sunshine. Sitting there feeling the sun come down on my face was so beautiful and welcomed. Little did I realize I was practicing relaxation through awareness.

As I heard the birds sing, I could tell there were many different types all around me. I could not see them all, but the sounds made it feel like I was in a symphony watching the branches of the trees sway gently from the breeze.

Little did I realize that in the days and years leading up to my experience with conversion disorder, I had missed out on these moments. I had missed out on relaxation through awareness.

Stop to smell the roses

Often people call it taking time to smell the roses in life. While we most likely know the phrase, it doesn’t mean we consciously participate.

When you participate in relaxation through awareness, you begin to discover so much more around you each day. You’ll notice the birds, the trees, the wind, and the sun. You’ll see the colors and sights and sounds in a way that you most likely miss in your day.

Practice Relaxation Through Awareness

It isn’t hard to practice relaxation through awareness. All you need to do is step outside wherever you are and observe. Let go of the thoughts of the day. Focus instead on what you can see, hear, feel, and notice.

At first you may not notice a lot, but as you continue with relaxation through awareness, you most likely will see and notice more. Sights, sounds, smells, and colors may become more vivid. You might see and hear things that you didn’t notice when you started.

Take a few minutes. You don’t have to travel too far to do this. You might be able to step outside of your office building or house. Maybe you could go to a park for lunch. You might be able to sit outside in your backyard on a blanket in the grass. Whatever you have close by, let it become your place to practice relaxation through awareness.

Relaxation Awareness Exercise

The more aware we become, the more we let go of the stress of our day. We find our center point. We’re lifted far above all the screaming and noise and busyness of the world. It becomes a place of peace.

Feel It In Your Body

If you can practice relaxation through awareness, you can begin to feel it in your body. Your breath may come into a calmer state. Your mind may be more focused and centered. Muscle tension may ease or disappear. The end result will hopefully help you find deeper peace in your body.

The mind and body need this to deal with the stress of the day. We need it to stay connected with peace and joy. It is far too easy to get so busy that we neglect some of the basic parts of our existence. When we neglect this, we degrade humanity. Let us be a part of healing in our world by practicing relaxation through awareness.

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