Reject These 4 Mindless Blocks In 2020


Reject These 4 Mindless Blocks In 2020

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Mindless blocks are all around us. In 2020, I’m rejecting these 4 mindless blocks. They no longer serve my best interests and so I’m taking them out to the trash.

A lot of us set New Year’s resolutions, yet most people don’t keep them. It’s been suggested that the majority of resolutions fail after a few days or weeks.

While a New Year’s resolution can be helpful and set someone off on a good path, they require action. Unless you take action, you will give up on them before they are achieved. It takes at minimum of 21 days to start to set a beneficial habit in place. When the mindless blocks are not addressed, they become a hindrance to your New Year’s resolutions.

On the other hand, I find the new year a great time to think about letting go and rejecting those mindless blocks that no longer serve me. Maybe they have gotten me to this point in life, but as I’ve grown, I no longer value their service.

Letting go, in my opinion, gets you much further than trying to grasp for something with grandiose plans that don’t materialize. When we look for ways to say I no longer need you, we open up our lives for something much better.

Here are 4 mindless blocks I’m letting go of in 2020. My list may look similar to yours or it might be quite different.

My 4 Mindless Blocks I’m Trashing in 2020

Those That Don’t Value Me

Those That Don't Value Me

This one doesn’t only apply to the perceived value I see others giving me in a friend type relationship. It also applies to how they communicate or don’t communicate with me.

In too many friend relationships, I am the one initiating communication and connection. It is only returned when I do this.

In 2020, I am realizing that I no longer need this lack of respect in my life. It is holding me back from connecting with those that do want to engage and walk forward in life with me.

Seeing Myself Weaker Than I Am

Seeing Myself Weaker Than I Am

It dawned on me in a recent conversation that others see me stronger than I see myself. I know that because of the abuse and torture I’ve been through, my self-image is not always positive.

The individual that I was chatting with saw me as having much more strength than I see in myself. Others have also told me this.

So, in 2020, I’m going to be more mindful of the strength I have. I’m going to try to operate from this vantage point. I’ll trash the mindless block of not seeing myself for what I am.

It Is Up To Others To Chart My Course

It Is Up To Me To Chart My Course

Sometimes I think I have to wait on other individuals to help me fulfill what I need to do. Through this mindless block, I sell myself short. I hold myself back.

Yes, I know the origins of this, as I recall how my dad would belittle much of what I did. He’d chastise me if I didn’t wait for him to help me do just about anything.

I know, though, that it is up to me to chart my course in life. No one else can do this for me. If I expect someone to do it, then I’ll set myself up for failure. It will not be a healthy lifestyle to practice.

The Demanding Society

These days, there is a demanding society that is a big mindless block. Whether it is social media, the news, or politics, everyone puts demands upon others.

  • Think this way or that way.
  • Say this or be ostracized.
  • Follow the role we expect you to take.
  • Don’t rock the boat.
  • How dare you not agree with what I think is right.
The Demanding Society

Much of the time, we see things in our world through only one viewpoint. If you don’t subscribe to it, you are shunned by that group. If you try to cross over to the other group, you are shunned by them for not adhering to their group-think.

We all do this, even if we think we don’t. It is an epidemic and is destroying the fabric of humanity. There is nothing healthy with these actions. Through a demanding society, we don’t see people for what they are worth. We see them as an enemy.

While I have already been working on this mindless block, I’m not done. It is shoved at us everywhere we go. It is very hard to escape, but in 2020, I’m going to do my best to rise above it. It is not helpful to humanity and there are already enough challenges in life.

One Thing That Helped

One of the things that I have come to like is the clearing and release statements of mindless blocks like Christie Marie Sheldon teaches. She uses the statement that starts out with “what would it take to…” I’ve found that so helpful. If you want to learn more, Mind Valley hosts her online courses which are excellent and have been helpful to me.

What Mindless Blocks Do You Want To Trash?

I’d love to hear what mindless blocks you’re letting go of as you go into the year 2020.

Let me know in the comments below what yours are.