Reclaiming Painful Parts Of Life


Reclaiming Painful Parts Of Life

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Reclaiming painful parts of life can be so difficult, but so rewarding.  It takes great courage to even think about going into those darkest moments of our lives.  Whether it is traumatic experiences like abuse and trauma or toxic stress, we’re kept from fully recognizing our full potential.

Through experiences, we’ve dealt with in life. it sometimes feels like we are locked in a jail cell.  Even though we did not create the jail cell, we still live in it as if we have no choice in freeing ourselves from it.  You might be fighting through this at the moment thinking there is no way out.  Let me tell you though that there is a way out.

We alone have the key to unlock the jail cell.

We do this by reclaiming painful parts of life.  By turning on the felt sense and feeling those difficult moments, we give ourselves the opportunity to go in and see things from a different perspective.  No,  I will agree that this is not easy to do.  It is how we go back and find the essence of who we are.

It requires great courage and support to step into the arena of reclaiming painful parts of our life.  I have seen this play out in my own life.  It is not hard for me to remember times that I sat in my therapist’s office wondering how I could continue this process.  I remember the times on the table in a Unified Therapy session wondering if I had the strength and courage to walk through the fire.

Reclaiming painful parts of life do not happen overnight.  You just don’t wake up and wave a magic wand, making everything perfectly normal.  It is a step-by-step process that happens a little at a time.  I found that there were moments I thought I was getting nowhere, but I discovered more was happening than I realized.  Things were building up for a bigger launch into the next step of my healing.

Often we think that reclaiming painful parts of life is just too difficult.

Sometimes we see it portrayed as a one size fits all approach.  Each of us has had different experiences and so no one formula fits everyone.  However, if we focus on the parts that work for many, they will give us a launching pad to continue healing.

As I have looked back over my healing process, I see more clearly how all things fit together.  What I thought I knew in those moments, became nothing more than a stepping stone to the next discovery.  Without each step, my journey would not have been complete.  If I would have held myself in a single point of healing and not allowed myself to walk further, I would have shortchanged my healing process.

Even though we may have been slammed into a jail cell of life, we do not have to live there any longer.  Yes, reclaiming painful parts of life will require a lot of strength, courage, and determination.  It will pay dividends as you continue.  As you go, you’ll be rewarded with a renewed energy and greater health.  There will be an awareness that opens up a new world to you.