Psychic Attack


Psychic Attack

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Where did my energy go?   Was it a psychic attack?

How does a psychic attack appear?

Most likely we are all familiar with the term, “psychic vampire.” Those are the people that we spend time with and afterward; we feel like our energy has been sucked out of us. Maybe we were perfectly happy and had a good day when we saw this person, but we leave feeling tired, depressed and drained. Spending time with people that inspire, uplift and vibrate at the same level as we do is essential. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try and perk people up, but the key is to remember to keep a clear boundary between their energy and yours.

Anyways, before I take off on a tangent, I’ll tell you what happened.  It will help you understand what a psychic attack is.

I worked a psychic fair in February. There were a lot of clients and readers, and as usual, the room was abuzz with energy. As soon as I left the fair that evening, I released all the energy from the clients and people I was with that day, saged myself and cleared my field and closed the channel. The thing was, as soon as I left, BAM!  A monstrous headache hit me. I was thinking about whether I was adequately hydrated. I’m pretty sure I was, so that couldn’t explain this sudden feeling of being bone tired and achy.

The aches and pains began during my drive home, and my legs were just killing me by the time I crawled into my bed that evening. I thought to myself, “It’s okay, you just did a fair. Maybe it’s hydration, or you didn’t ground effectively. It’s fine. It’ll bounce off.” The next night I did a clearing meditation and released what wasn’t mine, and I used purple fire. No dice. On Tuesday at work, I was complaining of shoulder pain to my co-worker since my left shoulder kept threatening to seize. By Thursday, after Epsom salt baths, clearing, saging, and meditating, nothing was working.

My energy was so low that my thoughts were going to such a low-vibrational place.  Filled with ego and insecurity, I was questioning my gifts as a medium, whether I was any good, and whether the work was worth pursuing (so not me!). I was caught in not being good enough and the low energy funk. I immediately got in touch with my mentor to book an energy healing. She was able to get me in quickly – thank goodness.

As soon as I walked into the room, she said that there was something wrong with my left shoulder! I was like YES!  It is where the psychic attack happened. When you’re working in a room with lots of readers and energy, everyone has a portal or a channel open. The thing is, if you aren’t paying attention, you may not protect yourself effectively and something from the other side can come in and whack you. Being that readers are bright lights in general, I guess something decided to take me down a notch that day. After the healing, I have returned pretty much back to normal, and my enthusiasm for my spiritual work and doing readings has returned which is great since readings are booking a few months out now. I can’t decide to bail on this work now!

After a quick post-mortem analysis, my mentor and I determined the following:

  • I didn’t protect and meditate effectively the night before the fair.
  • At the event, I was tired, and my energy levels were low.
  • I was not hydrating correctly and I was focused on other things.

Being tired is what I blame for the vulnerability. Let’s just go through the symptoms of a psychic attack one more time, and then I’ll talk about what you can do about it.

Symptoms Of A Psychic Attack

  • Physical: Headaches, body aches, and pains, feelings of resistance and fatigue.
  • Emotional: Feelings of inadequacy “I’m not good enough/worthy enough,” feeling unmotivated or uninspired, low vibrational feelings (anger, shame, guilt, etc.), lack of interest in things you usually enjoy.

Things To Try To Clear The Funk!


Get your body moving with the intention that you are shaking off whatever energy seems to be stuck to you.


Do a chakra clearing meditation. At the beginning set your intention that you are releasing anything that doesn’t belong to you. Be forceful with the energy if you must. You could use an intention like, “I banish all energy from my auric field which does not belong to me. Only high vibrational energy is welcome.” You can ask Archangel Michael to help relieve you of any energies that don’t belong to you and to restore your balance.


Cut your cords!  Every day we leave energetic cords between ourselves and everyone from our interactions. In the evening as you are relaxing, imagine yourself cutting the energetic cords that bind you to other people. I like to use the phrase, “I release you with love” as I cut my cords.

White Light Protection

Every morning in the shower, I imagine the water is white light which clears my energetic field of anything that doesn’t belong to me.  I imagine an impenetrable bubble around myself where only allow what I welcome.

Purple Fire

During meditation, picture a small purple flame in your heart chakra. Slowly visualize the flame growing larger and larger as it clears out any energy you no longer need. Keep visualizing the flame until it takes up your entire auric field. Thank the flame for its service and visualize it shrinking back to its original size and going out.

Epsom Salt Bath Or A Dip In The Ocean

The best thing to balance your energy is to jump in the ocean, but if you aren’t near an ocean, or it’s winter, you can take an Epsom salt bath. Mix two cups of Epsom salts into a full tub of warm water and soak. Have the intention that your energetic field is being cleared and balanced.

Energy Healing

Seek out a skilled energy healer!  It has worked for me.

Gain Perspective

Ask another reader or someone who works a lot with Spirit to help you determine why this may have happened. I reached out to another reader that I know who gave me some excellent advice and messages from my guides on why this happened. It’s so beautiful to have a community of like-minded people you can call on in these situations!

Take care of yourself until we meet again. Keep your energy up and your vibration high!

– Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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