Peace and Stillness In The Woods


Peace and Stillness In The Woods

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I love the peace and stillness in the woods.

Over Christmas, we stayed in Pipestem State Park. I love this place. The peace and stillness in the woods are so refreshing and invigorating to me.

There are beautiful paths around Pipestem State Park. While it was cold and there was snow on the ground, I found it to be full of peace and stillness in the woods.

Just walking along, I was taken in by the stillness. There were very few people around the place which I enjoy. It is far enough from main roads and overhead airplane routes that it becomes so peaceful.

As I stopped and just took it in, I was listening intently to what was around me. There was no traffic noises or dogs barking. There was no traffic racing in the distance. Neighbors weren’t screaming at one another, and air conditioning and heating units were nonexistent.

It was just quiet.

It was peaceful.

The stillness was so welcomed that I consumed as much of it as I could.

While sitting there on that path in the woods, the peace and stillness were relaxing and refreshing. It felt like I could completely stop and just be at that moment. Nothing was pressing for me to do and no sounds that were competing for my attention. It was just peace and stillness in the woods.

There is so much noise around us every day. Whether it is traffic or airplanes, neighbors or barking dogs, there is very little silence. Even the hum of our computers and electronics takes up the stillness of our surroundings.

I remember when the electricity went out during the hurricane. If the generators throughout the neighborhood were not running, it was quiet. It was peaceful. It was a relief from the usual everyday sounds.

We are so inundated with sounds and noise that we’ve forgotten what silence is in our world.  Take a minute and check out the silence project where a guy has gone out in search of silent places. He has found, they are very difficult to find.

I remember going to the park and trying to capture the sound of a rippling brook. It sounded good until I started hearing some other noises. When I finally identified them, I did not realize planes were flying overhead while I was at the brook. We’ve lost the ability to recognize real silence because of all the noise present.

It is why I loved the peace and stillness in the woods of Pipestem State Park. It felt better to me than ten relaxing massages. I soaked up every moment and was sad to have to say goodbye when we left.

I believe the mind and body need peace and stillness. Our nervous systems are not meant to stay heightened every minute of the day. Noise takes away from our peace.  It causes stress upon our nervous system that never ends.

Let us each one find a quiet place to refresh and renew. Let us be aware of true silence which yields peace and stillness, not noises that slip past our awareness. For the more we can give our mind and body silence and stillness, the more we can find real peace and relaxation.


Peace And Stillness In The Woods