Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

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In 1991, Don Shetterly found himself caught in a medical nightmare that felt like it would never end.  A mysterious condition suddenly came on that left him paralyzed – unable to walk and barely able to speak. 

Pseudoseizures, a multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis, and multiple emergency room and doctor visits left his family wondering how to help him.

With no organic cause of his condition and no manual showing the way through it, Don was left to deal with depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts.

In Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, Don shares the concepts that helped him heal his life.  It was a journey through all he thought was truth into a discovery of the healing resilience of the human mind and body.  This book takes us further into healing than what we most likely know today.

Are you ready to take the journey and have your life changed?

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Companion Audio Exercises

If you have read my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition, you will see this audio exercise CD referenced in three different chapters. The audio CD can stand on its own, but it’s even better if you read the corresponding parts in the book.

Breathing – (13 min)
Notice, Sense, Feel – (18 min)
Enteric Brain – (16 min)

What People Are Saying

Dr. Paul Canali, D.C.

“This is one man’s search for the answers behind a mysterious condition. It’s a search that led Don Shetterly to my office, and helped explain and unlock some of the keys to mind-body suffering.”

Jim Fazio, L.M.T.

“Don Shetterly, a brave soul, courageously opens his heart as he beautifully expresses his healing journey from survival mode to overcoming a mysterious condition. This book is thought provoking and inspirational, with exercises that connect us into the body.”


“Don doesn’t just talk about overcoming major challenges – he’s lived them. What he’s experienced, and what he’s discovered along the way, provide valuable lessons on perseverance and the human spirit.


“The word that came to mind as I read this book was ‘impressive.’ I think this book is going to help a lot of people.


“Three chapters in – very good!


“Started reading last night. Very well written! Very readable.


I’m just on the second chapter and I like what I’ve read so far.


So far what I have read is great and I admire you so much for telling your story! I’m on chapter 6.


I’m about 1/4 of the way in. Some difficult reading for me … your sharing of what you experienced. Powerful, and emotionally draining. I applaud your courage and vulnerability.”


I have finished reading up to chapter 4 so far. You definitely have my attention. I do love the exercises you put at the end of each chapter.”


So glad you did this (wrote Overcoming A Mysterious Condition … a powerful story.”


I am enjoying so much about the book that is resonating with me as well. I really think it will help so many.”

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition by Don Shetterly
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