Ocean Sounds Are Relaxing


Ocean Sounds Are Relaxing

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To me, relaxing ocean sounds on the beach are about as good as life gets.  More specifically, I’m referring to the Atlantic Ocean.  This beach is one of my favorite places to go and just soak in the atmosphere and ocean sounds.  It is very relaxing to me.

Fortunately, we live about 30 miles from the beach, so it isn’t all that hard for us to go there.  I love going there and just feeling the breeze and wind coming in off the ocean.  I love feeling the sun as it warms my face while walking through the sand on the beach.  Seeing wildlife and nature in all its glory is like icing on a delicious cake.

There is so much to take in, and when I go, it is like I become so peaceful.  In many ways, it feels like nothing else matters, and there is not a care in the world.  Most of the time, I’m alone in my thoughts observing and feeling everything around me, including the ocean sounds.  It is so relaxing even if it is for a short time.

One of the things that I have noticed is that time flies by quickly.  It never seems like I am there very long and yet when I look at my watch, much time has passed.  It is almost as if you are lulled into a stillness where time stops.  Ocean sounds on the beach are not only relaxing, but they are deeply meditative.

After one trip to the beach, I came up with the idea that I wanted to hear ocean sounds more.  I wanted to bring the beach home with me.  So many of the ocean sounds that I could find online were just not as authentic to me.  I don’t know if most people had processed the files far too much or if their equipment they used was not all that good.  For me, it either has to be authentic, or I have no desire to hear it.

After much searching, I finally decided to do my own CD of ocean sounds.  I wanted it to be as relaxing and authentic as I could get it.  So, I researched what all I needed to do in order to get a good quality sound.  I took my handy recorder and headed for a remote area of a beach which was just north of the NASA facility close to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

A few times that day my efforts almost failed.  Even though I was in a remote part of the beach, there were people that had to come walking by to see what I was doing.  The sounds of their footsteps would interrupt the sound quality, and I would have to start over.  I was trying to do this for one continuous hour-long recording, but I was also constrained by the outgoing and incoming tide.  My little recorder needed to be as close to the water edge as I could get it and so the tide made that tricky.

After almost losing my recording device to an incoming wave, I managed to complete enough where I could extract an hour of ocean sounds.   It would allow me to make a CD of it and put it up online for sale along with my other relaxing piano music.

If you check out my ocean sounds recording, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.  I play it every night when going to bed and I especially use it when I travel to block noise in hotels.  The CD is as authentic as I could make it.  I did have to play a little with the sound file, but I tried to keep it as original as it was when I recorded it.

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