Numbing And Avoiding


Numbing And Avoiding

Numbing and avoiding have become such an integral part of our society that we don’t even recognize it any longer

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These days most of us are numbing and avoiding without being conscious of it. 

I’m not only talking about drinking alcohol and taking drugs and pills of every type. 

I’m not only talking about political and religious beliefs or opinions.

All those things and so much more could easily go into the numbing and avoiding that we are doing these days.  We are so unconscious that we don’t see it.

As I scroll through the social media feed, I see everyone screaming about something, but no one is listening.  We are so numb as a civilization.  I used to think it was just in the United States but it appears to be the same all over the world.

We not only are numbing the existence of life, but many of us are avoiding anything that’s not a happy thought.  While I fully understand, we’re just sentencing ourselves to a life of difficulty, struggle, and pain.  Numbing does not do anything good for us in the long term.

we’re just sentencing ourselves to a life of difficulty, struggle, and pain.

Unaware Of Numbing And Avoiding

It is hard to get people to understand what they are doing if they are so unaware or conscious that they are doing it.  It would probably be easier to travel to the outermost points of the known universe than see this.

At one time, I didn’t see things like I thought I did.  I was numbing and avoiding everything in life.  Yet I convinced myself that I was “aware” and “conscious” and fully connected to everything.  Most of us do this and will see it in everyone else but ourselves. 

It took me going through conversion disorder, becoming paralyzed, and almost losing my life before I woke up.  Even after these experiences, it took me some time before I fully started to see how I was numbing and avoiding.

Simple Numbing And Avoiding Ways

The simple things we normally think of have people disconnected from the world, or so overtaken by their mobile devices and social media that they are not aware.  They are not conscious.  Some other simple things include numbing through the use of alcoholic beverages, sports fanaticism, the latest entertainment of the day, or the screaming of religious and political beliefs. 

While all of these things in moderation can be a great part of life, they have taken over the lives of most people.  They are efficient ways of numbing and avoiding.  They have become such an integral part of our society that we don’t even recognize it any longer. 

More Numbing And Avoiding Ways

I’ve listed other ways we numb out in chapter 12 of my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition.   While the list is long, it is nowhere near complete in my view.  If you look at it, I’m sure you’ll recognize a few that you may struggle with, in your life.

When I see numbing and avoiding, it is because we are frightened to go into whatever issue has arisen or it is so overwhelming we don’t know where to start. 

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