Numbed But Positive


Numbed But Positive

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These days, I really get tired of the humans that are numbed but act positive. It seems just about everyone doesn’t want to feel what is going on, so they quickly numb through positive thoughts and mindfulness.

Okay, that’s what most do, but they will never admit it. I’m sure if you’re reading this, I’m probably pushing your buttons. To be honest, I’m okay with that because numbing is not getting humanity anywhere.

Many times lately the “numbed but positive” groups have told me in a condescending way that if “I” or “ANYONE” practice mindfulness and gratitude, all problems will disappear. Some will instead use religious beliefs to do the same.

Unfortunately, as much as everyone wants to believe this, it is just not true. You can convince yourself all you want that it is, but you are only fooling yourself.

Mindfulness And Gratitude

Before you crucify me and slay me, let me say positivity, mindfulness, and gratitude all have their place. They are great things if done in reality and in balance. Otherwise, they leave people numbed but positive. The positive part isn’t real though. It is fake. It is not authentic.

I’m guessing by now, anyone reading this is probably upset and disgusted with me. If you’re still hanging on at this point, I commend you.

You see, as humans we numb to what is going on in life. We paint happy smiles on our faces, we sing praises to whomever we worship, and we mouth the words of mindfulness and gratitude. Yet, if anyone was able to see beneath all of that, the picture would be far different. The world acts in a numbed but positive manner.

Self-Awareness and Consciousness Highlight Numbness

If we truly were self-aware and conscious, we could see how true this is. We would know that there is so much more deep within us. Running from it by painting pretty smiles on our faces gets us nowhere. I know that for a fact because I used to do that myself.

Feeling what is going on and connecting with the painful parts is difficult. This is why we are numbed but positive, or at least appear positive. If you ignore and avoid, then you trick your mind into not believing what is real. It is one of the biggest escape mechanisms we have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the stuff is gone.

Numbed But Positive And Authenticity

When we think we only see things one way and all the “bad emotions as we call it” no longer exist, we’re fooling ourselves. We’re living in a numbed but positive way. Our lives are not authentic or real. They are fake and built upon sandy soil next to the seashore.

Yes, I know this is the world we live in, but I so wish everyone could wake up and see what they are doing. The numbed but positive approach allows some horrible atrocities to go on in our world. We stand by and allow it because we are not authentic, aware, and conscious of ourselves.

Makes Us Feel Good

We create belief systems that give us a sense of balance and normalcy but these things only hurt us in the end. They are nothing more than what makes us feel good, not what truly helps us.

When I went through the experience I did, as I wrote in my book, I had to give up everything I thought was true. It wasn’t easy and it took time to do this. It is a continual process, not a one-time healing event. Far too many think that they have healed themselves when they only just began the process.

You’re free to disagree with me all you want, but I’m tired of staying silent on this subject. Although the world acts numbed but positive, it doesn’t mean it is so. It doesn’t mean those that can hook others into their way of thinking are any better than those who see life in a deeper way.

Being Numbed But Positive

My only hope is that we will at some point begin to wake up and discover more than we know at this moment. Being numbed but positive does little good for your mind and body. It does very little good for the world and humanity.

Before you think it is everyone else out there that isn’t authentic and real, I would challenge you to look in the mirror. We have gotten so good at fooling ourselves that we barely see what we think we see deep inside our mind and body.