Truth – Sometimes We Need Support


Truth – Sometimes We Need Support

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Sometimes we need support in life.  Maybe we’re going through some tough moments in our everyday existence.  It might be that we are healing life’s experiences and it is just a tough road to walk.

There are many reasons that sometimes we need support.  Regardless of what it is, I find that if you reach out, you often get responses that maybe don’t arrive as people intend.

I do recognize that it is not always easy to know what to say.  If you’re a compassionate person, you want to be there for others.  If you see someone hurting, it resonates and makes us uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, sometimes all is needed is for an individual to share and know they are not alone.

Many times, I’m not looking for anyone to solve whatever it is that I am experiencing.  There are moments that I just need to share what is going on and by sharing it, I am acknowledging it.  When I acknowledge it, I’m not disconnecting from what is going on.

Knowing We’re Not Alone When We Need Support

There are other times that I just share what is going on so people who are struggling, in the same way, will know they are not alone.  If we only share the high points and the happy memes, it leaves those in despair feeling so alone.  They can’t see that others are going through something similar because it is hidden from view.

Sometimes we need support in life and it can come in many shapes, sizes, and variations.  It doesn’t mean we have to fix someone or lecture them on what they should do.  How many of us like to be lectured and told how to live their lives?  Go ahead and please raise your hands.  I’m not seeing many hands go up and that’s because people who need support, just need someone to be there.

Authentic Moments When We Need Support

Being there can come from just letting them know you hear them.  Sometimes it is offering a hug if that person is okay with hugs.  There are times when you can say, me too – I understand because I’ve been there.  It does require that we be authentic because otherwise, our inauthenticity will show through and it will be a hollow offering.

We can’t boil life down into a meme or happy thought or advice for the ages.  Sometimes we need support and that means just being there.  Sometimes that means more to someone than any word you can say or meme you can share with them.  Just being there is so badly needed in our world.

Be careful of how you respond.  Be conscious of what you say and how you say it.  Sometimes we need support does not mean, please lecture and tell me what I should do.  It does not necessarily mean that you need to share one of the millions of memes that gets passed around every day.

Often, it means that I just need to know I’m not alone.