Nature Is The Best Relaxation Experience


Nature Is The Best Relaxation Experience

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When life gets difficult, there is only one place I want to go. I want to find any place in nature from a park to the ocean or the mountains. Nature is the best relaxation experience I know in everyday life.

Fortunately, I live close to the ocean, and so that is my ultimate place to be. There is nothing like sitting on the beach watching the waves go in and out or feeling the ocean breeze. I often picture each ocean wave that comes in as something that brings me the energy I need while taking my stress back out to sea.

There are also parks that I love to go and take a walk. They are peaceful places. Sometimes children are playing and it is a fun reminder of how play in our life can bring us so much relaxation. Most of all, I just love to notice the birds, butterflies, and trees. I like to see the squirrels run here and there. I love listening to the sound of the wind whisper through the trees.

Sometimes just sitting out in my backyard or laying in the hammock, I am lulled into relaxation by the sun and sounds. I’ll watch the clouds go by as I feel the wind gently relax me. I’ll notice the squirrels as they run over my back fence as if they are on a mission.

The times I have been able to travel to the mountains are times I will never forget. For me, there is something about being surrounded by trees that helps me so much. Seeing the mountains stand firm as if to say, “it is okay to relax,” gives me such peace of mind. There is something about relaxation in the mountains that takes it to a higher degree.

It doesn’t matter where you go as I’m sure you have your favorite spot. The critical point is that nature is the best relaxation experience I know. It soothes the soul. It calms the mind. Nature is there for you without judgment or request. Nature knows how to just be in the moment it has, and I think that is what it teaches us about relaxation.

Often in my day, I spend a few moments outside in nature, just enjoying the experience. Even though my day may be busy, the relaxation of moments like this helps me focus and be more productive in all that I do.



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