Alarming Somatic Response To A Trigger


Alarming Somatic Response To A Trigger

Far too many of us go through life not connected to all of the mind body. When the somatic response shows up, we just want to get rid of it. We avoid healing it.

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Today, I finally felt strong enough to write about my somatic response to a trigger. I don’t usually share too much of things like this, and I’ve held off sharing much on this situation.

Ever since our cat was diagnosed with the condition he has, it has hit me like a ton of bricks. I know It has hit Jeff hard too.

When something happens to my cat, that’s the beginning of a scenario which doesn’t go well for me. It happened before I was paralyzed with a trigger of an animal event.

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Right now I’m dealing with the somatic response (body response) to the overwhelming situation plus a ton of other stress that hit in a matter of days right around that same time.

It has been a very challenging time for me, and I’m getting bodywork therapy to deal with it, but there have been a few points that I wasn’t sure I could make it through this. Fortunately, I’ve got supportive people in my life that their support means the world to me.

Jeff is very supportive and understands what is going on in a somatic response such as this. I know that I’ll come out of this and fortunately, I can see significant progress from a week ago. It just is not easy.

Most would be running to a medical doctor, but I know I’ve got to deal with this situation and the more I do, I’ll reclaim this horror part of my past.

We All Somaticize

We all somaticize whether we want to acknowledge it or not or whether we are aware of it or not. I choose to share this with others so they may be helped in their own life.

Far too many of us go through life not connected to all of the mind body. When the somatic response shows up, we just want to get rid of it. We avoid healing it.

Yes, I know it is easier to numb and disconnect, and I could have done that in this situation. However, I would have missed a very important lesson in it.

I’m not looking for advice or pity. I’m just sharing this in hopes that it helps others realize somatization is very real. What isn’t dealt with will deal with us. Triggers give us an opportunity to go further. If we try to thwart that in any way, we bury it deeper.

The Somatic Response Is Real

Maybe one of these days when things are more back to normal, I’ll write a blog post about it, but for now, my focus is on getting back to my regular daily life.

The somatic response is a reality at this moment, but it is improving quickly and believe me, it can’t heal quickly enough right now.

Outside of a few pages or groups on Facebook, I’ve stopped going to my Facebook home page as it was offering nothing more than a continued screaming of the world. I don’t need that. It does nothing good for me and so the only way I could stop it was to stop participating in it. Especially when you’re dealing with somatic issues, added stress does not help.

My Facebook Page, Mind Body Thoughts is still active, and I still visit the page regularly.

For now, there’s only a couple of supportive people that know entirely what is going on and that’s the way I want it. What I am writing here is the most I wish to share at this point. I can see a significant improvement in the situation just in the past week. I have more therapy coming up and will continue to do it intensely until I’m past the worst of this situation.