My Inspiring Healing Path


My Inspiring Healing Path

No one can tell you how to heal on your path. No one can tell you what it feels like because they do not walk in your same shoes. It is your path and your path alone.

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This blog post about my healing path is based on chapter 20 in my book, Overcoming A Mysterious Condition. The chapter is called “What Has Worked For Me.”

Often in my own healing, I’ve had people compare their paths to mine and exclaim, “You had it much worse than me. Your trauma is much worse than mine.” While sometimes that may have been true, at the end of the day, trauma is trauma.

No matter what you’ve experienced or dealt with in your life, it is your experience. It is what you know. It is for you to work through and heal, and to find a way to rise above it.

Your Healing Path Is Unique

Your path is different than my path or anyone else’s. It makes us human and makes us unique in many ways. It becomes our struggle and our path of learning and awareness.

No one can tell you how to heal on your path. No one can tell you what it feels like because they do not walk in your same shoes. It is your path and your path alone.

However, many have walked horrible and traumatic paths that were so intense that they did not think they would make it. So, while we don’t know what your path is like, we do know what similar things are and just how difficult they can be to overcome.

The key is not so much in sharing the exact experiences and healing paths, but having compassion and love for one another. When we do this, we offer strength and support on the parts of our journey where we connect. When we heal, we can be there more for others.

Connections On The Healing Path

It is through the journey of the connection with one another that together we become stronger and our lives rise to new levels of awareness and consciousness. We are not as strong on our own as we are when we connect with others that help us walk through the fires of life.

There have been so many people who walked alongside me that I didn’t fully appreciate until many years later. Many were there for me in small ways and big ways, but often they just seemed like another friend or acquaintance. I didn’t recognize them at the time for what they were because it was just what I needed at that moment. It did not seem like anything out of the ordinary.

I’ll be forever grateful to every one of these people, knowing how they provided so much support, love, friendship, and help to me even when I didn’t know it. I believe they were angels walking beside me. Many were lending an ear or a hand of support through little moments that meant the world to me.

Moments Of Support On My Healing Path

From the days when I first could hardly walk to the days when I was working hard to reclaim my body and my mind, each person has played a special and unique role in my life. I marvel at how they came into my life at the exact moments I needed them.

It is often too easy for us to miss these folks. Sometimes we shun others and push them away. Sometimes we get in our own little mindset of how things should be, and we miss the important moments of support.

Read the rest of this chapter in my book to uncover more about my healing path in Overcoming A Mysterious Condition.

Overcoming A Mysterious Condition

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