Misunderstood Felt Sense – Uncovered


Misunderstood Felt Sense – Uncovered

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For a long time, I didn’t even know the felt sense existed.  In fact, the majority of people, even the new age enlightened folks, don’t understand the felt sense.  It is so misunderstood these days and hopefully, we will begin to awaken as a civilization.

The felt sense is the actual feeling between the mind and the body.  It is the connection between these things and into these parts.  In the most basic explanation, it is what you feel in the body while connecting to it in the mind.  To access the mind side of felt sense, one must feel within the body.  WIthout the body part, you’re not experiencing the mind body connection like you think you are.

Going Through Conversion Disorder

I went through a conversion disorder back in 1991.  I thought I was doing relaxation and meditation here and there and that was all I needed.  What I was missing, was truly feeling what was going on in my body.  There was no mind body connection.  I had a connection to my mind and a disconnect to my body like most people do in their daily existence.  There was nothing happening in the felt sense for me.

When I was traveling 100% of the time in a job, I thought I was feeling my body.  However, slowly stress began to build up.  The next thing I knew, I was having anxiety attacks and feeling like life had dumped on me.  I should have been happy and carefree, but the connection to my mind was blocked.  The numbing in my body did not allow me to see it.  The felt sense was not present.  I was oblivious to the fact that it had shut down once again.

The Felt Sense Is Feeling The Body

The felt sense is not something that we think is there.  It is actually feeling what is going on in the body.  No, it is not just about pure bliss, but the totality of what is felt or not felt in the body.

There is no clearer evidence of this than when I get on the table in a session with Dr. Canali.  One of the first things we are taught to do is check in with the body.  We ask the questions of “What do I notice?   What do I sense?”   We tune into what we observe in the body while we are not judging what is going on at that moment.  We are in observation mode as if we were taking a magnifying glass and seeing all that is there.

What Do We Feel?

The most important part of the beginning of a session is the felt sense as in what do we feel.  You cannot fully connect the mind body together if you aren’t feeling what is happening in the body.  Most of us humans think about this process and declare we understand the mind body connection.  However, we are completely misguided in the conclusion.  Without the felt sense, there is no mind and body connection.

Unfortunately, if most of us stop and really sense what is going on in our body, it frightens us beyond comprehension or is nonexistent.  We may think we have body pain but we aren’t feeling in the body.  The felt sense goes beyond the surface pain we feel.  This is one of the fallacies that we hide from ourselves while claiming we understand it.  It is a consciousness that holds us back.

Why Is It Necessary To Understand?

Why is it necessary for us to connect and understand the felt sense?  The felt sense is the key to make conscious choices and have further awareness in the body.  Without connecting to the deeper parts of our body, we’re only operating from our mind.  We need the body side of awareness to truly know who we are.  It provides unlimited potential and possibility.

Fortunately though, if you can learn how to go in and feel those painful parts of the body as they appear and come into view then you can allow them to connect to the mind.  No, this is not a forced connection.  It happens in its own way and time.  The body knows how to do this if we allow it to, but because these things often bring up great fear, we shut them down.  We don’t see what is there because the fear has us blinded to the felt sense.

Fear Can Stop Us

Often times we need someone to walk through these moments with us.  Fear prevents us from walking alone into them.  Just having an individual there to hold our hand, hold the space or provide the comfort and encouragement we need is most helpful.  They are not there to interject their own thoughts, experiences, or views on how we should proceed with them.  Instead, they are there holding the space while acknowledging that their own life’s story is connecting or impacting what is happening.  In these moments, as long as they stay connected with their heart, they will be a valuable traveling companion.

Again, the felt sense is not that you think you have a mind body connection because you spent a day in the park or did some meditation exercise or took some hallucinogenic substance.  It is truly going in and allowing yourself to feel the body from the surface to the core.  When you observe and let the body tell you what is going on, it is then that the mind body connection can be made.

When everything is connected together, you come into a time of greater awareness and consciousness.  The more you allow the felt sense to show up, the more the body will automatically know what it needs to do.   We just have to get out of the way to allow this to happen and stop believing the lies that our fears and ego is telling us.

The best part about the felt sense process is that when you learn how to do this, life opens up in a way you cannot even imagine exists.