Mind Body Consciousness


Mind Body Consciousness

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These days, with many new age buzzwords floating around, do we really understand what we are saying? It is great to speak a language and act as if we know, but far too many miss the primary purpose. Mind body consciousness is not about a thought process. It is much more than we realize.

The way I look at mind body consciousness is that it is the whole thing, not just a part. It is connecting what is going on in the body with what is happening in the mind. They are not completely separate entities. They function together as one.

All too often, we talk about mind body consciousness, but we view it as a way to think differently or a new age thought program. Sometimes because of our religious beliefs, we shun it as if it is a voodoo science. However, it is part of the human body we were born into and part of what makes us become more than we are.

Furthermore, we disconnect and numb to the mind body consciousness while not even realizing that we are doing this. It happens when we are unconscious and so busy with our lives, that we no longer truly inhabit the body in which we live. We don’t even realize just how much we do this until something in life gets our attention.

The mind body consciousness is about feeling what is going on in our body. It is about stopping to observe what is happening within, while our brains sync up with that information flow. Connecting to all parts of ourselves is where the mind and body become one. Most of all, it is not one or other, the mind or the body. It is the mind and body connected together.

I have undergone some intense bodywork therapy developed by Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute in Miami, Florida. In this therapy, when I first go into a session, I see how much I am not feeling in my body. I don’t notice that before, but when I take a moment to stop and see what I feel within the cells of my body, it is then that I begin to understand this connection.

When I stop and observe, I began to see how much my body is not connected to my mind. At that moment, I’m not feeling what I believe I am because my mind body consciousness is on two different frequencies. When I allow myself to go into the challenging moments, I then sync myself back up. I am now in balance and harmony.

The mind body consciousness is not some new age mumbo jumbo. It is part of who we are as humans, and it helps us become more aware of all parts of life. The more we connect with it and realize this, the more we improve our lives. We are able to connect with joy and love more fully. We become more connected to the higher good of everyone in this world, rather than the lower frequency of what currently exists.

The mind body consciousness is how we become more of who we are. This consciousness connects all parts of us together. It helps us find and discover that authentic self within, not just what we believe is real. Most of all, it is a connection between both the mind and the body, not only one or the other.


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