Massage Does A Body Good


Massage Does A Body Good

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What do you do to relax? Do you ever get a massage or is that something you only do once a year? Massage does a body good, and it should be part of our routine, not a once in a blue moon occurrence.

Yes, I am a licensed massage therapist. My profession does impact how I view this practice. However, it is good for you to do, frequently. Not only does it feel good, but it helps you relax. It helps lessen some of those aches and pains in the body. Most of all, it is one of those great relaxation tools to get rid of stress.

There are so many types of massage in the world today that if one modality does not fit you, try another. You can go from the very deep work to the light work and everything in-between. The preference is all yours. Getting regular massage and bodywork is important.

Even as a massage therapist, I get regular work done on myself. I know the importance of it, and so I practice what I preach. It not only feels good, but it is an excellent thing to do for your health and wellness. Places like the Touch Research Institute in Miami have done considerable research to document the benefits of massage.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that you do not always need deep pressure for a massage to be effective. I have seen people time and time again think that without deep pressure, it is not effective. I have seen people demand deep pressure when you know that it is only going to cause damage.

Yet, sometimes the lighter work does more than the deep pressure. The body does not like to be invaded with touch, and if you try to force your way in, it will resist the therapist. If you work towards getting beneath the body putting up its defenses, you can often get more relaxation. Pressure sometimes can work against you.

Another thing that helps to know is the more you or a therapist can work with breath as they work on you, the more efficient it can be. Breathing helps us move tension and stuck energy out of our muscles, cells, and tissues. It amplifies the results, but far too few use it efficiently.

Heaping stress and tension on our body every day is not the best way of taking care of our health and wellness. When we continually do this without stopping to discharge it, we’re hurting our body. Massage helps undo all that we throw at it.

Massage helps us to connect the mind and body and become more aware of what is happening in life. The mind body connection is essential to functioning at our peak in life.

Quit neglecting your body by putting in through the torture chamber of life and giving it something good. Massage does a body good! Use it, and your body will thank you in many ways.



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