Life Limits and Possibility


Life Limits and Possibility

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Often we put life limits on ourselves or on the world that we think is possible. I liken it to climbing a mountain thinking that all there is before us is the mountain we are climbing. We cannot see what is before us and so it does not exist.

However, if we climb far enough or if we begin to get high enough to see more, we’ll realize that there is more than we can see. The limits we thought were true, no longer apply because our vantage point has changed.

Not Easy To See Life Limits and Possibility

It is not easy to see the limitations we put on ourselves and we do this every day. Whether it is beliefs that we hold, how we see the world around us, or what we’ve been taught, they are present in our lives. Many times we are not consciously aware of them, but that does not mean they do not exist.

When I was paralyzed from a conversion disorder, no one could tell me if I would ever walk again. No one could say with certainty that I would make it through this. The limits on myself were real, but they were also holding me back.

I had to learn that if I wanted to heal my life and walk again and function normally, I had to let go of the life limits. This included all my beliefs and views of what life encompassed. It forced me to look beyond what I thought were life limits and possibility.

None of this was easy to do and it would have been simpler if I just laid in my hospital bed thinking there was no way out. I could have just been dependent upon others at the age of 26 to take care of me for the rest of my life.

Limits I Placed On Myself

However, I was not about to stop and proclaim that this was all my life was going to be. Yes, I did wonder if it could be any different, but that was life limits that I placed on myself. No, it wasn’t about thinking happy thoughts or being positive. It wasn’t about knowing how far I could go. The possibility lied in the fact that I had to let go of all that I knew in order to find out how far I could go.

Life limits can be good in some situations, but be careful that they don’t hold you back. You may not even see the full potential at this moment. Other people may have taught and convinced you that this is all that you can expect. These things become a choice in how far we go.

Doing The Impossible

In addition to my life, I’ve seen many others do the impossible that no one thought they could. Whether it was a medical establishment, family unit or the person themselves, each saw that the life limits were not what they thought they were.

If you want to hold back on the possibility of life limits, it is your choice. However, as I have found, there is much more than we know, see, or understand in this moment. Embrace those parts rather than allowing them to hold you back.