Letting Go To Heal My Life


Letting Go To Heal My Life

Letting go for me was one that I had to challenge myself to do. Even to this day, I still want to hold on to things.

The Hope To See It Through
Inspiring The Best In Others
Confronting My Issues

Letting go is hard to do! I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’m pretty stubborn and hard headed. I’m sure that got me through some very rough moments in my past. Most likely it is more of a survival technique.

Sometimes it stands in the way of my healing. Letting go to heal my life was not an easy lesson for me. Sometimes I still fight it with every ounce of strength I have in me.

If someone would have told me at the moment I was struggling that I was hanging on, I would not have believed them. In fact, I might have told the person a thing or two. I might have felt like even smacking them a good one. Just like I sometimes do, we often don’t fully see our healing in the way that we think we do.

Letting Go – Learning How To Do It

Learning to let go is not easy. It is a challenge because often you need to let go of all that you think you know to be true. Letting go requires us to confront the moment in a way that we see it fully and without masks. It means that we need to be aware and conscious of it even when it is most difficult for us to see, accept, feel, or acknowledge.

When we’ve gone through trauma or stressful situations, we go into survival mode. In those moments, we do not need to analyze everything before us because we need to survive that moment. We need to survive the situation. The analysis is for when things have stabilized and calmed down. Unfortunately, when we don’t heal and deal with the events, we stay stuck in that moment of survival which prevents us from letting go.

Determination And Courage

It requires great courage and determination to allow ourselves even to take a glimpse at what letting go means. Yes, we want to heal our lives. However, our brain is stuck in survival mode. It does not trust anything but what it knows. To heal, we have to let go and step beyond the survival mode techniques we have learned. We need to recognize that they exist not only in our brain, but most likely in our bodies and cells and tissues.

Letting go for me was one that I had to challenge myself to do. Even to this day, I still want to hold on to things. It is not easy for me to let go. I often see what I think I know to be true, when it may not be as valid and proven as I would like it to be.

Letting go so I could heal my life, meant I had to go in and challenge everything. It meant I had to allow myself to be challenged to the core.