Learning To Release Anger


Learning To Release Anger

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Learning to release anger is the second part of a 4 part series on anger.  Please read the first part of this series, “Is anger wrong?”

The key to anger is learning how to embrace it and release it.  We want to understand why it is there and what is giving it fuel for its growth.  Hiding from it and acting as if it is not there does nothing to help us.  It only buries it and begins to cause significant physical illnesses in us when it does.  Silencing anger in your life is extremely harmful to your mind and body.

Most of us have not been taught how to release anger.  Many times the ways to release it that we know are ineffective because they don’t take us to the root of the problem.  When we bury it and hide it or tell others not to have anger, we’re only hurting ourselves and the entire world.

Learning To Release Anger

Instead of asking is anger wrong, we need to be learning how to release it in a healthy way.  This world is evidence of how much anger we hold in, and until we start to be aware of its role in life, we’ll be controlled and manipulated by it.

It is not an easy process to wake up from numbing and begin to learn how to let the anger go.  It is an essential part of our human experience.

To this day, I am learning some things that can help release anger, but I still haven’t fully figured it out.  I do intense healing bodywork on myself to help myself progress through this part of my healing.  It has become my teacher.

Even though I find many out there have “tips” on how to get rid of anger, they fall short in my view and estimation.  It becomes like putting a band-aid on a big wound.  You may think you’re doing something, but it is not much more than a cosmetic illusion.

Please continue reading part 3, Anger Impacts Everyone published on April 27, 2018.

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