Learning To Let Go


Learning To Let Go

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This recent process I’ve been going through is an exercise in learning to let go. No, that’s not easy for me. I want to be in control of my life, and when things don’t play out like I think they should, I’m not the least bit amused.

In much of the work I’ve gone through with Dr. Paul Canali and Unified Therapy, I’ve learned that learning to let go is crucial. Whether it is a situation in life that is causing me difficulty or something else, it is the way through it.

On the table, we practice going into the edge of pain and discomfort, but coming back out before it gets too overwhelming. As we do this, we are learning to let go. It is a process that says, I’m in control, but I am allowing myself to go deeper. It takes me further into awareness. The more aware I become, the more conscious I become.


Fighting Makes It Worse

What I did not realize was possible now becomes something I can see. If I continue to fight or control or manipulate whatever I’m facing, I’m doing the opposite of what I need to do. Fighting the situation makes things worse. When you are learning to let go, you realize from a core level that things work out when you let go.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on what you are doing wrong or who’s fault it may be. These things do not help in learning to let go. They act as walls that you will end up climbing over. The walls become obstacles preventing you from seeing what lies ahead and what is possible.

I know that letting go is easier to say than do. In the world of online memes and positive thinking, we tend to be condescending to others who are in the struggle. While our intent may be to help, learning to let go is part of the process. In letting go, we are taking the steps of the journey. So to suggest that we are somehow doing something wrong if we are in the process is harmful to the ones on the journey.

I remember many years ago when someone gave me a poem about letting go. The basic concept of it was a line that said, “and one day she woke up and decided to let go.” Hopefully, I’m quoting that line in this poem correctly. At the time, I thought that is nice and pretty, but real life does not work that way. Now, I can see that there is so much truth in those words.


Learning To Let Go Is A Process

Letting go is a process, but not necessarily an endpoint. It takes you to a different elevation so you can become aware of what is out there.  We see more than only what it is that you are aware of at this moment.

In learning to let go, you find possibility and hope and inspiration, not too mention a greater awareness and consciousness.